The Butcher Boy

I first heard this haunting Irish folk song from Tommy Makem and The Clancy Brothers in the 1960’s on a Columbia LP – The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem Recorded Live In Ireland.

It stuck with me through the years as one of the saddest songs.

The song is variously attributed to London town or Dublin town. It’s an amalgam of several broadside ballads.

The song has been performed many times by Tommy Makem and was one of his signature tunes. It’s usually included on the collections of his best songs like The Legendary Tommy Makem Collection.

Thank goodness the days of people hanging themselves over getting pregnant with uncaring lovers is past.

On Sunday I performed it at Orwell Corner Historic Village at their 2011 St. Patrick’s Day concert. Tom LeClair and Charles Kennedy helped out with bass and guitar. Tom LeClair was recorded playing bass on the video.

Thanks for watching and enjoy St. Paddy’s Day and everything Irish.