Small lies and big lies – Prime Minister starts election campaign with a whopper

By Stephen Pate – Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper starts an 11-week election campaign with a big prevarication, an obfuscation, an equivocation, a lie. By more than doubling the length of the election, he is saving taxpayers money.

“What we do by calling this campaign is making sure we are all operating within the rules and not using taxpayers’ money directly,” Mr. Harper is quoted in the National Post.

If that wasn’t such a bold faced lie, it might be possible to believe he had our interests at heart.

Who’s money does Prime Minister Harper think the political parties are spending?

50% of the $50 million the Conservatives are estimated to be spending in the 11-week election comes directly from the refundable political contribution tax credit.

I suppose that could be considered using taxpayers’ money in-directly not directly if you were a sleazy investment advisor selling a Ponzi scheme.

Don’t worry – half the money is coming from taxpayer’s personal wallets and half the money is coming from taxpayer’s collective wallets. Directly or indirectly makes no difference. We are paying.

Whopper alert – more to follow.

Featured image: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Justin Tang “Prime Minister Stephen Harper holds a press conference after visiting Governor General David Johnston to dissolve parliament and trigger an election campaign at Rideau Hall in Ottawa on Sunday, August 2, 2015.