Must Be Santa original arrangement by Brave Combo

Brave Combo (picture Brave Combo)

When your tradition is Jewish it’s only logical to be inspired by five rocking, polka players from Denton, Texas at Christmas time.

Brave Combo is the multiple Grammy award winning group that Bob Dylan covered in his Must Be Santa released in 2009 with Christmas in the Heart.

Here’s the real thing recorded at Oktoberfest because it’s never too early to celebrate the good spirit of Christmas.

“”Must Be Santa” was originally made popular by Mitch Miller in the late 50’s/early 60’s.

Brave Combo’s rendition of “Must Be Santa” is requested and played year round at nearly every performance of the band.

Bob Dylan included the Brave Combo arrangement of “Must Be Santa” in his released Christmas album Christmas in the Heart.

The video performance by Brave Combo was recorded at the 2009 Soulard Oktoberfest in St. Louis, Missouri. The video recording and editing were done by Jim Finch.” (YouTube)

If you can’t get enough, and I sure can’t, order their new CD Name Your Link which will take the Christmas blues away.

The also have lots of other polka CDs for those of us who appreciate the rollicking music at the Brave Combo Store.

What’s a guy with a bad leg doing with polka music? you’re asking yourself. It’s true – I can’t dance the polka.

But when I lived in Montreal – one of the world’s great cities – the weddings were a polyglot of English, French and European cultures.

Girls would invite me to the weddings of their sisters and cousins – perhaps hoping I would get the idea. Who knows? In Montreal, polka was king at weddings. Watch the wedding scene in Deer Hunter and that’s what I enjoyed. I never tired of watching young and old people whirl themselves around the floor doing the polka.

Now you can just bop up and down in the audience and we all can do that.

Merry Christmas everyone.  Bring joy to the world.



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