Pamela J Butler still missing from Washington DC

Has the case of an eHarmony bad date gotten cold after 14 months?

Pamela J. Butler, a financially independent woman who worked at the EPA, went missing on Valentine’s Day 2009.

There were more than 80 unsolved homicides in Washington DC in 2009 reports the Metropolitan Police Department. Pamela J. Butler isn’t among them.

Without a body or evidence of foul play, Pam Butler is just a missing person. A well dressed, well employed, fastidious, cautious and careful person who disappeared off the face of the earth for no reason.

She was last seen by her boyfriend Jose Rodriguez-Cruz, an ex-service man suffering from PTSD. They had fought that evening and she kicked him out of her life.  

Pam Butler was never seen again after that Friday night.

Jose Rodriguez-Cruz re-entered her home several times over the weekend, through a side window eluding her security cameras. Cruz claims he was retrieving his belongings from Butler’s home.

Someone took the sheets off Butler’s bed and destroyed them as well. Someone also took her wallet and car keys but left two expensive cars in the driveway, a Mercedes-Benz and gold Jaguar.

Was it Cruz? Did he kill his former lover in a fit of anger and spend the weekend disposing of the evidence?

Cruz has a police record for violence against women. He has a motive, the opportunity but no evidence ties him to her murder or disappearance. Cruz refused to take a lie detector test when asked by police.

Jose Angel Rodriquez-Cruz, boyfriend who saw Butler alive on Valentine's Day
Jose Angel Rodriquez-Cruz, boyfriend who saw Butler alive on Valentine's Day

“There is nothing whatsoever new with the investigation,” said  Paul Duggan of  the Washington Post, “according to the homicide guys I talk with on this. Their best hope, I think, is that her remains will eventually turn up and yield new evidence.”

Duggan wrote an extensive and fascinating series of articles about the disappearance of Pamela Butler. Woman vanishes, leaving a trail with no end.

The Washington DC police call Cruz a suspect but that’s it. The case has apparently gone cold with no new leads.   “Anyone with information regarding this case should contact the Metropolitan Police Department at 202-727-9099.”

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  • Butch

    I’m sorry but if he’s the only person on surveillance going in and out of the home, he killed this woman. It’s not like Pamela pulled a Harriet Tubman and went underground. SMDH@the police for their non caring attitude in this situation.
    Obviously, this dude murdered this woman, and put her in the bags he’s seen caring out of the home. Lets NOT be stupid. Where are the bags he carried out? Was any forensics done of the bags?

  • Jose

    Fuck everyone that put this misinformation together. I entered through the back door with a key that she gave me. I’m so glad there were cameras because it showed just what I was doing getting my property. I consented to a search of my car and house just as I told her family the very first night the police were involved. That’s right, why take a test determined to be unreliable science and not credible enough to be used in a court a law. Use irrefutable credible forensic evidence which there is none. Why? I did not do anything to her, that why. Didn’t run, then not going to run now and if and when my day in court comes I will face it. Then all of you who like to feed on media sensationalism of tragedies can come to the court proceedings and get your info straight.

  • Antonia