Time line for Valentine’s day disappearance of Pam Butler

Jose Rodriguez-Cruz said he didn’t see Pam Butler since February 12th, 2009. But he has not told everything he knows about her disappearance.

She had security cameras mounted outside her Washington DC home that recorded people coming and going.

Here is a partial time line:

September 2008 – the couple meet through eHarmony and start dating. Jose started staying overnight and essentially living with Pam.

Jan 2009 – couple not getting along. Her financial worries may be causing arguments over money

Feb 12, 2009 – security camera catches Pam leaning out her door, the last time she is seen coming or going

Feb 13, 2009 – Pam stays inside, Jose arrives. She breaks up the relationship, according to him, so he leaves. This is the last time he says he saw her. It was the last time he admitted to being at her home until police confront him with camera evidence.

Feb 14, 2009 – Jose enters and leaves Pam’s home alone to get his things he said. Pam misses a Valentine’s dinner with her mom

Feb 15, 2009 – Jose enters and leaves Pam’s home again

Feb 16, 2009 – Jose enters and leaves Pam’s home for the last time.

Inside the home, police found not the neat home of Pam Butler.

They found an unmade bed with all the sheets stripped off the bed and gone.

In her home office, real estate papers were stacked in a pile on the floor which was not her custom. Pam’s family said she was a neatness freak and put everything in its place.

Only one side of the house had no security camera views. A ground floor window from the dining room on that side was unlocked when police arrived.

Perhaps this was way for Jose or someone to dispose of Pam’s body and any evidence of a crime.

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With story from the Washington Post