Ray Lam, ex-BC NDP candidate, no this is not Rory Beck

NDP Ray Lam quits, too much Facebook

Ray Lam, ex-BC NDP candidate, no this is not Rory Beck
Ray Lam, ex-BC NDP candidate, no this is not Rory Beck

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BC NDP candidate Ray Lam resigned leaving the election to his Green and Liberal opponents after his racy Facebook pictures surfaced. More and more people are finding out what goes on in Facebook doesn’t stay there. Indiscretions are best left off the internet. Islanders are all too familiar with over-familiar political figures in the Rory Beck scandal right after the Liberals were elected in 2007.

“An issue was made regarding inappropriate material on my private Facebook page,” Lam stated in an NDP press release issued this evening (April 19). “I regret this material and the associated comments that have now become public.

“I do not want this to be a distraction in the election campaign and have advised the party that I am stepping down,” he said. “I apologize to Carole James, the NDP and the voters of Vancouver-False Creek. I wish her and the party the best of luck in the coming election.”

The NDP are expected to nominate another candidate shortly.

Rory Beck, former Liberal Deputy Minister went for "treatment"
Rory Beck, former Liberal Deputy Minister went for "treatment"

Flushed with a sense of victory and power, the Liberal elite partied hearty in Charlottetown during the summer of 2007. Deputy Minister Rory Beck, darling of the Premier, is reported to have publicly fondled newly minted MLA Cynthia Dunsford at the Old Dublin Pub.

Dunsford was known to be “touchy feely” in public as this writer can attest. We don’t know if Beck went over the line with Dunsford or if feminists who observed the hanky panky took umbrage and called Dunsford on it.

Beck went off for “treatment” and lost his upper echelon post. He still works for the Premier but they keep him locked in a closet.

Dunsford broke the good-old-boys rule of kissing and telling and has been banished to the back benches ever since. No pictures were placed on Facebook that time.

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  • J. Cantos

    Ray created a web 2.0 response to this whole thing because of all the media spin and misinformation around his resignation.

    His statement on the home page is…unbelievable tame, and he writes about the whole incident in a blog, which is actually pretty interesting.

    Give it a read: http://www.raysunderwearaffair.com.