McAfee promises to pay for XP glitch

Well respected anti-virus company McAfee promises to reimburse repair expenses

Last week McAfee shipped the latest update of their anti-virus software and the update started to remove Windows XP operating system files. Users faced the blue screen of death or an endless series of re-booting routines going no where. Ironically, Network Solutions lack of security took down 5% of their hosted sites over the past two weeks without any apology or compensation.

McAfee have posted a promise on their website to not only help customers fix their bug but reimburse them for the damage.  Continue reading McAfee promises to pay for XP glitch

Windows 7 or Vista, should you wait?

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network, January 17, 2009

We hate change and resist it with a passion. Now that the word is out about Windows 7, the articles are everywhere: should you wait for Windows 7, get Vista or try to keep Windows XP? CNET has a user story which is interesting if not instructive.

Of course you should upgrade to Vista. Why not? You heard it had bugs? For a generation raised on technology it’s hard to believe we are so stuck in the past.

Here’s a stunning revelation: every operating system since the beginning, since Noah pre-released Ark 1.0, had bugs and incompatible drivers, devices and programs. That’s the nature of technology. New things are better, hopefully, but always different and usually a bit of trouble. There is one law I’ve learned: you can’t go backwards in technology or life. Try driving your car backwards to the store, work or Toronto.
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Five Reasons to download Windows 7 now

Windows 7 800It’s free except your time and frustration if you have to go back to Vista or XP

Stephen Pate, NJN Network, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, September 3, 2009 with story from PC World

PC Magazine is giving readers of its Business Centre the dubious advice to download Microsoft Windows 7 RTM which is activated for 90 days.
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Things not to like in Windows 7 – no Movie Maker

Movie Maker, Sarah Fraser gets dragged and dropped PDQ
Movie Maker, Sarah Fraser gets dragged and dropped PDQ (click for larger image)

They took Windows Movie Maker out of Windows 7.  However, you can add it back.

Why should you care? Windows Movie Maker is a simple and free video editor added in Windows XP way back on 9/11.

Yes, we were in a Microsoft XP release meeting in Halifax when the World Trade Centre Towers were destroyed on September 11, 2001. The hotel showed the horrible event on a huge screen in the meeting room next door. No one was paying much attention to the Microsoft presentation. We quickly left for home, shell shocked.

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Dragon Naturally Speaking not Vista 64 bit

Dragon Naturally Speaking, not Vista 64-bit compatible
By Stephen Pate, NJN Network, Charlottetown, PEI Canada, January 27th, 2009

Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking is the most popular voice recognition software but it is not compatible with Vista, despite the package label. “Works with Windows Vista” means only the 32 bit version of Vista. Microsoft reports that 64 bit Vista grew from 3% of installs to 20% of installs as of July 2008. “Based on current trends, this growth will accelerate as the retail channel shifts to supplying a rapidly increasing assortment of 64-bit desktops and laptops.” Windows Vista 64-bit Today. As of September, Nuance as brushing off demands for a 64-bit version. Vista 64 expands the available memory beyond the 3.4 GB restrictions of XP and Vista 32 bit. For a resource hog like Dragon Naturally Speaking, that’s important. Vista 64 is being installed on Vista Home Premium by Dell and other manufacturers with no fanfare, so you may have it even if you didn’t ask. My new Dell has it – what do I know?

When is Windows 7 coming?

And should you care?

By Stephen Pate
January 18, 2009
with reports from ZDNet and PC World

Of course you should care. We all like something new and Windows 7 promises to be new. The release date is rumoured to be late 2009 but Microsoft is officially saying 2010.

There are Windows 7 Beta’s flying around and some people say it’s faster than XP and Vista. How much faster? Twice as fast but then speed isn’t everything.

Other people hate the changes since they like the old interface, even before Windows XP.

Love it or hate it, faster or slower – Windows 7 will dominate operating systems and our computing lives from 2010 onward. That is until Windows 8.

Life in an Ordered World

I like life in an ordered world. One can predict more or less what will happen next, excepting when things go sideways. Then it’s fun to let go of the wheel and enjoy the ride.

In the New Years Eve storm, I failed to clean the wet snow off the windshield so the wiper broke. One can predict that heavy snow will break the wiper. I just thought I could defy the laws of wipers in snow.

The orderliness of life was all around yesterday. Streets were clean enough for the New Year’s levees. Friend and enemies shook hands and wished each other Happy New Year.

After another snow fall last night, the streets were clean this morning, as good order suggests. The car dealer was open, despite the weather, and fixed my wiper for next to nothing because I wore my Montreal Canadians jacket.

Sometimes you have to affect the good order of the universe with positive vibes.

What’s out of order is Microsoft Office and Windows XP. For reasons known only to Bill Gates, the programs are now giving me the reverse order on look ups.

When I ask for File Open, instead of the orderly sub directories then files in alphabetical order, since Christmas I am getting the files in reverse alphabetical order. It takes 3 more keystrokes to put things back in order. What gives eh?