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TC Helicon Harmony G XT

TC Helicon Harmony-G XT released

TC Helicon releases little brother to Voice Live 2 – the Harmony-G XT pedal

TC Helicon Harmony G XT

TC Helicon is continuing it’s run of new pedals and effects for performance. The new Harmony-G XT promises the singe pedal simplicity of the VoiceTone series pedals but the new harmony features of VoiceLive 2.

For simplicity in performance, nothing matches the VoiceTone pedals. But you need two or three to accomplish what needs to happen, or buy a VoiceLive 2.

The new pedal has 2 harmony voices controlled by what they call NaturalPlay. The harmony is controlled by the chords or notes played on the guitar. TC Helicon has really aced this cool feature. When I was playing Harmony Control-G and now VoiceLive 2, it never ceases to amaze me how it picks the correct harmony based on my guitar.

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VoiceTone Create XT

How to make your voice sound perfect with little effort

The TC Helicon VoiceTone Create XT sweetens your vocals with reverb, auto-tune and automatic tone for less than $200

VoiceTone Create XT
VoiceTone Create XT

VoiceTone Create XT is my take anywhere, use all the time pedal.

TC Helicon calls it a producer in a box.

It adds just enough to my live performances to sound like I have an engineer without paying for one.

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