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3M Ergonomic Mouse

3M Ergonomic Mouse Can Cure Wrist and Hand Pain

Using a mouse all day is an unnatural task – 3M’s ergonomic mouse puts the wrist and hand in a more natural position

3M Ergonomic Mouse

Holding a mouse in your hand and clicking repeatedly can cause hand and wrist pain. Eventually that leads to Repetitive Motion injury and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Lost time to Repetitive Motion injuries out ranks all other work place injuries.

The 3M Ergonomic Mouse virtually eliminates the stress and pain of a regular mouse. It is a recommended solution for people with arthritis in the hands and wrists.

Your hand is held in a more natural joy-stick position, avoiding the 90 turn in the wrist which can pinch the nerves in the carpal tunnel. 3M calls this the neutral position.
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