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I'd Rather Go Blind, Black Dub with Trixie Whitley in the studio

Daniel Lanois on tour

Daniel Lanois and Black Dub heading out on an adventure tour this summer. Check out the free song

I'd Rather Go Blind, Black Dub with Trixie Whitley in the studio

Daniel Lanois, who produces for U2 and Dylan, is taking his new band on the road this summer. Lanois is one of the best producers in the business for the past 30 years. He has an artists touch in building music “from pieces of stuff off the floor” as he put it.

“We will be on a double decker bus, playing and driving and filming, and playing and driving and filming, all over Europe this summer.  Stay tuned for Ustreams, Vlog entries, and all things Black Dub.”

The tour was partially designed around fans when Lanois asked who wanted him to perform in their town this year. The list of summer dates is below.

To give his fans something he has free videos and mp3s on his website, plus some stuff you can pay small amounts for.

“I’d Rather Go Blind” is a studio take that you can freely download. Lanois is one of the new age musicians who understand that connecting with fans is more important than wringing every last cent out of them.

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Black Dub w/ Daniel Lanois: The Birth of Bellavista Nights

New Lanois Black Dub film available

This is classic Daniel Lanois. He is wringing those mysterious tones from his guitar with fingertips. It’s compelling, hypnotic with the sky moving in panorama behind him.

“A new film is being uploaded to share with the world. It showcases some new developments on the visual side of things. You can see it on YouTube. It is available for purchase as an HD download with the audio track and photo for only $2.99 on blackdub.net ” They are using Topspin for fulfillment which gives you options outside of iTunes but it would have been easier if it on iTunes Store.

On his website, he has some free downloads or you can drop over to Blackdub.net for some more fan stuff and tour videos. If you want him to come to your city, he’d like to know. More videos after the story break. Continue reading


Surely by Black Dub free download

Lanois has always been a wunderkind of the music business, whether producing U2 or Bob Dylan.

Black Dub is Daniel Lanois, Trixie Whitley, Daryl Johnson and Brian Blade. Lanois has always been a wunderkind of the music business, whether producing U2 or Bob Dylan. His own bands have been interesting, slightly off the mainstream but with a cult following. Lanois is the musicians musician.

Black Dub has arrived with Trixie Whitley, a blues singer with a voice far beyond her tender years. They grab your attention. (video follows after the story break)
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Daniel Lanois Nomad Knows

Daniel Lanois with Black Dub Nomad Knows

New band was streamed live from the Bowery Ballroom NYC

On Wednesday evening, Daniel Lanois with his new band Black Dub did a live Internet stream from the Bowery Ball Room in NYC.

The addition of a female lead singer, Trixie Whitley, is an interesting and somewhat controversial change. Brian Blade is on drums. Daryl Johnson is on drums.

The online participants, about 680 when the concert started, were mixed on Whitley. Some liked her, some didn’t. She doesn’t have a powerful voice.

With Lanois we can expect something new from time to time. He is an experimental musician. Lanois is also not a big ego. He gives over the vocals to Whitley big time during the concert. It’s clear they are a band.
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