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Preview of Windows 8.1

Windows 8 Grows To Almost 10%

preview of windows 8 1 644x430 Windows 8 Grows To Almost 10% photo

Windows 8.1 set to arrive October 18

11 months after its release, Microsoft Windows 8 powered 9.8% of all Microsoft operating systems, according to Net Applications survey of users.

This adoption rate is slightly better than Microsoft Vista, the version before Windows 7, which is the most popular version of Windows at more than 50% of users. Continue reading

Acer T232HL running Windows 8

First Look – Acer T232HL multi-touch display for Windows 8

Acer introduces a stylish, high performance monitor for Windows 8 computers

Acer T232HL Win 8 front First Look   Acer T232HL multi touch display for Windows 8 photo

Acer T232HL running Windows 8

The gorgeous and impressive Acer T232HL bmidz is one of the first Windows 8 multi-touch monitors available.

At $500 retail, the T232HL is a best buy for upgrading to Windows 8.

After two weeks of using it with Windows 8, I can’t think of a better solution. Continue reading

HP TouchSmart tx2z

Touch-screen notebooks are here

HP TouchSmart tx2z Touch screen notebooks are here photo

HP TouchSmart tx2z

Windows 7 and new screens give users touch capability similar to iPhone with reviews

Windows 7 will be the pivot point for touch-screen netbooks and notebooks to reach the mainstream and your home.

HP is currently marketing the HP TouchSmart tx2z with an AMD Turion at 2.4 GHz for $899 (Future Shop)

It is one of five new touch-screen computers on that site.

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