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Everything She Could by Thomas Hawk from his album CN Tower Toronto.  (Creative commons license) Shot taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark II Full Frame DSLR using a EF24mm f/1.4L lens. Some great photographers claim you only need two fixed lens to take the best photographs.Non-zoom fixed lens are lighter, less expensive and you know the rectangle you need to frame for every shot.

Fans of Ron Hynes Pack Cohn Auditorium For Benefit

The 2nd of 5 benefit concerts for singer songwriter Ron Hynes plays to sold out crowd

Ron Hynes Man of a Thousand Songs

More than 1,000 fans packed the Rebecca Cohen Auditorium in Halifax, Nova Scotia last night to raise money for Newfoundland singer-songwriter Ron Hynes, the proverbial “Man of a Thousand Songs.”

Hynes, who wrote the popular “Sonny’s Dream”, was recently diagnosed with cancer of the throat and is undergoing treatment in Newfoundland.

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Concerts to Raise Funds for Singer Songwriter Ron Hynes

“The Power of Song, Rallying For Ron” to be held in Halifax, Newfoundland, and Toronto

Power of Song, Rallying for Ron” will take place on Wednesday, Sept. 26th at Dalhousie Arts Centre’s Cohn Auditorium at 7:30pm.

The concert will celebrate the man and the music of well-known and much-loved Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Hynes, who has recently been diagnosed and begun treatment for throat cancer.

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Great Bubble Battle safe for Toronto at Queen and Spadina

Bubblebattle participants judged not likely to require baton over the head by Toronto Police Chief (Miles Storey/Torontoist)

Participants in Newmindspace’s annual Dr. Seuss–inspired Bubble Battle didn’t fear Darth Vader led Storm Troopers on Saturday

Safe activity in the G20 War Zone. Please don’t Tweet this story to the Prime Minister lest he budget $1 billion to stop next year’s party

Torontoist – “After Toronto’s torrid weekend at the hands of the G20, Newmindspace’s annual Dr. Seuss–inspired Bubble Battle stepped up to sooth nerves with a gentler kind of combat this past Saturday.”

“This year’s venue was the erstwhile official G20 protest zone in the northern end of Queen’s Park, right in the shadow of the war memorial of Toronto’s own 48th Highlanders.”

Background music was supplied by Pride‘s nearby but well-fenced-in Dyke Day event.

Canadian Musicians Speak Out on G20 Protests in Toronto

Police action was on front doorsteps of Toronto’s arts scene

Feist marched in G20 on Saturday (image: Allthegigs)

Spinner – Parts of downtown Toronto’s vibrant music scene became a violent battle zone last weekend as the G20 Summit was held. In the wake of a small group of so-called anarchists attacking store windows and burning abandoned cop cars, heavily armoured riot police shot tear gas, rubber bullets, physically attacked peaceful protesters and used other forms of psychological warfare. Over 1,000 people were arrested and detained, media included, many just for showing up to exercise their rights as citizens.

Much of the action took place just steps from the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern, Steve’s Music Store, and MuchMusic’s Queen Street TV studio. Yonge-Dundas Square, where Iggy Pop and the Stooges performed for NXNE less than a week before, also fell victim to destruction and violence. Present among the peaceful protesters — some in body, others in spirit — were a handful of Canadian musicians.

Julie Penner, a gifted violinist who has played with Canadian bands like Broken Social Scene, Do Make Say Think, Lowest of the Low and the FemBots, marched on Saturday during the peaceful protest alongside Feist and Penner’s boyfriend Jason Tait, drummer for the Weakerthans.    Continue reading Canadian Musicians Speak Out on G20 Protests in Toronto

Harper reacts with police violence to public protest

They old can’t kill the young forever, Tienanmen Square

(Last 31 seconds of police charge on Queen St. at Spadina)

It is a shame on Canada that Prime Minister Harper doesn’t want to hear the voices of Canadians. Neither did the Communist leadership in China at Tienanmen Square.

Harper reacted to the G20 protests the same way the Chinese government did with military might. Harper got ready with in $1 billion in police buildup.

The police attacked the crowd on Queen Street West near Spadina. Up until then people had been walking and protesting, carrying their signs. Those would be Charter Rights in Canada.

After singing O’Canada, a few people sat in the middle of the street and the police charged the crowd. (8:30 in the video) Then the violence began. Don’t take our word for it. The video is crystal clear (after the story break)

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G20 Sunday Toronto as a police state

At Queen and Spadina, police detain a man who'd yelled something at them as they'd gone by on bikes. (Michael Chrisman/Torontoist)

Torontoist coverage of Sunday with random arrests of non-violent protesters and bystanders

“Sunday—a day that started very quietly and that was mostly peaceful, but one that won’t soon be forgotten for what happened in the evening and night at Queen and Spadina—is collected here, with updates in reverse-chronological order.” Up to 600 people were arrested in Toronto on Sunday during a day of peaceful protests. See G20 Timeline: Sunday Torontoist

G20 Photo coverage Saturday

Free Tibet - one of the dozens of protest groups (Nancy Paiva/Torontoist)

The G20 street events overshadowed world leaders secret meetings – here is photo and video coverage by Torontoist

For more pics and commentary on Saturday, click The Torontoist G20 Timeline. For videos and commentary see G20 Live: Saturday

Toronto Police in Full Riot Gear Beat Peaceful G20 Protesters

Police precipitated Saturday violence by charging protesters on Queen at Spadina

From Slate – Protests at the G20 in Toronto turned ugly on Saturday, with demonstrators setting fire to cars, smashing windows and shutting down the subway system in the city’s financial district. Dozens of arrests after the incident brought the total number for the summit into the hundreds, but the demonstrations were largely peaceful.

“Police were steadily pushing onlookers and protesters away … chanting ‘move’ and rhythmically hitting their batons on their shields. Progress was gradual, and there was no violence,” the Wall Street Journal reported. “Some protesters chanted in the streets while a young woman with a megaphone stood by the police line urging bystanders not to be violent.”
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Flu Season has started

Flu Watch 480

Nine days on the road with the stomach flu is enough evidence

Stephen Pate, NJN Network, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, September 2, 2009 with story from Public Health Canada

According to Public Health Canada the flu season is about to begin. According to this flu racked person, it has already begun.

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