Put yourself in Arcade Fire rock video

Arcade Fire’s video The Wilderness Downtown uses HTML 5 to include your home in the action

The Wilderness Downtown

Arcade Fire have produced an innovative rock video for their song The Wilderness Downtown that puts your home and your street right into the video. It is awesome.

Because it uses HTML 5, it works best in Google Chrome which you can download for free. It doesn’t hurt your computer to have Chrome and IE and Firefox so no harm in trying.

The instructions tell you to put the home where you were brought up. May not work if it has become a condo development like my old address. Any address seems to work.

The video also works in Firefox 4.00 beta 1 which has HTML 5 built in.

The video is pretty imaginative and a little far out but it shows where we are headed with the next round of browsers.

They suggest closing all other programs since the processing is intensive.  Arcade Fire – The Wilderness Downtown suggested by TechDirt.