Technorati troubles keep on coming

Technorati, deepening malfunction
Technorati, deepening malfunction

Stephen Pate, NJN Network, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, May 13 2009

Technorati, the well known and venerable web site dedicated to blogs and bloggers, has been in technical trouble for over a week with things advancing towards hopeless yesterday.

At first little things stopped working like ping your post. The “Duh” message came up over and over. This morning it’s not working period.

Here’s the message “Notice: Maintenance colo move update. We are fixing some internal network configuration. Almost there with today’s move.”

Oops, something went wrong This channel currently isn’t working as expected. Please try back again later.

The appear to be converting their systems, hardware or hair dresser. NJN Network is attempting the same high wire act this month. It was supposed to happen in April but we chickened out. Smart eh?