Canada Revenue kicks people in wheelchairs

Decade long attack against people with disabilities takes new turn

Canada Revenue kicks people in wheelchairs with DTC project audit (photo Stephen Pate)

Recent stories about alleged Disability Tax Credit (DTC) fraud are another chapter in the decade old battle of Canada’s tax man against people with disabilities.

Canada Revenue Agency had a project to deny the DTC  prior to 2001. That year it tried to disqualify hundreds of thousands blind, mentally ill and wheelchair bound Canadians with a single letter.

Ten years later the battle continues with an attack on firms who help people with disabilities get passed the complex bureaucracy that enshrouds the DTC.

While National Benefit Authority is the prime target, Canada Revenue has targeted all the firms that prepare the DTC forms.  The Toronto Star and CBC are making headlines with stories that distort the real situation.

The Disability Tax Credit is a non-refundable tax credit worth $1,100 annually. It is allowed by law for people who have a severe and prolonged mental or physical impairment. Generally it only applies to people who are working and earning an income, since it is non-refundable.  Continue reading Canada Revenue kicks people in wheelchairs