iPad destined for obsolescence

April 3, 2010 shipments of the Apple iPad are just the first round in a two year battle to determine the market leader

Apple's April iPad is Round One in the battle

Update – March 14, 2010 – first day orders of the Apple iPad were estimated at 120,000 which is not bad for a new product.

The fun of being the first kid-on-the-block with an iPad in April will quickly fade when competitors and Apple introduce better models. The first iPhones were out of date when Apple introduced newer and more desirable models. The iPad will be replaced by models that correct the first round glitches. Competition will quickly enter the market provide features Apple left out, and at lower prices.

Cool Apple iPad arrives in Canada

By John Biggs, Crunch Gear – With the iPad hitting pre-order in two days and shipping in April, it’s important to think about when and why to buy the iPad. Based on our understanding of the product lifecycle and expected moves by Apple’s competitors, we foresee big changes in the ultra-portable landscape with the ultra-portable/netbook as we now know it mutating – or branching – into a new species of media oriented Win7 and Android devices. Here’s what we can expect.

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