Network Solutions stumbles in customer relations

Network Solutions hosting continues to limp along while public relations campaign extols virtues of service with bargain pricing

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Unlike McAfee who recovered from their bug last week in a few days, Network Solutions (NetSol) hosting service mis-handled its customer service for weeks with the “grep” iFrame redirect virus.

McAfee fixed the problem quickly and offered to compensate clients for their out-of-pocket costs. McAfee’s shares took a dive from $40 to $34.75 on news the bug will depress earnings a few cents. Analysts said McAfee was being punished for not meeting their numbers over several quarters.

Network Solutions has gone through stages of denial, admitting their helplessness and then public relations happy talk. Customer confidence has been shaken to the core. The response from Network Solutions appears to be management of social media. Website and social media chat sites are no substitute for excellent customer service.

We asked if Network Solutions intends to compensate their customers losses. They were non-committal.  Continue reading Network Solutions stumbles in customer relations