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Serena Williams

Serena Williams another sensation at Kingdom Hall

Controversial tennis star looking for attention from Jehovah’s Witnesses with ESPN cover

Serena Williams
Serena Williams

“you can take Serena out of Compton but u cant take the Compton out of Serena.

She showed her ass ON the court, now she’s showing her ass OFF the court. LITERALLY!

Is this sum kinda peace offering 4 da fans 4 threat’n the line judge?

Wuts next, Playboy? Video HOE’n? Tiger hit the BILLION DOLLA mark & ain’t even take a dayum shirt off. U got talent, money, fame/fortune…WTF?

Common aint givin yo ass NO ATTENTION?! Shout-out to Kindom Hall. Come & get your Jehovah’s Witness cause she’s ova here backsliding…BUTTNAKED!” Average.bro.com

ESPN will hit the newsstands tomorrow with a bold cover of Serena Williams in her black, almost nude glory.  Continue reading


Privacy Commissioner Rules in Favour of Disabled

PEI’s Acting Information and Privacy Commissioner ruled this week that the Department of Social Services and Seniors may no longer use the Disability Support Program Screening Tool. Continue reading

Baba’s Open Mic

I was glad to get back to Baba’s Open Mic last night. Holidays and a post-Christmas cold/flu had taken their toll in missed weeks.

It’s always a humbling and fun experience to play there.

Steve was reminiscing about how fantastic the Rock On! Live Jam had been at Piazza Joe’s. Guys shredding Pantera next to sensitive singer songwriters.

As I started my first song, Todd King asked out loud if the song was inappropriate sexually. I refused to answer the question!

One of my own songs went over like awful but Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat had them rocking. Mahoney was doing great backup work on his Taylor for me. We should practice: we might get better.

Andrea was telling me more about her trip across Canada with Moe taking videos. It’s supposed to happen in March/April. That will be such a cool trip for them. In you see Andrea, buy one of her CD’s to help her with trip expenses.