City of Charlottetown gouging drivers

Should move everyone to the malls for shopping

Fitzroy Parkade has 100 people waiting for monthly parking photo - Osco Construction

Charlottetown, PEI parking meter rates are doubling to $1 per hour to drive people to the parkades. The parkades have waiting lists so downtown workers can expect to be paying more at the meter or the new $15 parking fine.

That makes sense after the City approved new buildings like the Atlantic Technology Centre, Jean Canfield Federal Building and Homburg Hotel without any underground parking.

“A study by consultants Hatch Mott MacDonald concluded there is no shortage of parking spaces in the downtown, with 3,000 street-side spaces and 1,360 in the parkades. The study also noted the city’s parking rates were among the lowest in Canada.” CBC

Other than the interminably dangerous Pownal Parkade, there are no monthly passes available. The Fitzroy Parkade that services the new buildings like Canfield and ATC, has 100 people on the waiting list for monthly passes.

The disabled parking situation downtown is pathetic. There may be 3 spots outside Canfield but that’s not enough. I’ve had to illegally park on University Avenue to get to the Federal building.  One could park in Fitzroy or Queen Street parkades and slog through the rain, snow and crud on the streets.  Why not eh?  Continue reading City of Charlottetown gouging drivers