Sir Paul McCartney performs at White House

Winning George Gershwin Prize and charming everyone

There is some amazing television this summer on PBS. Last night’s performance at the White House featuring Paul McCartney was one of the best.

Dave Grohl singing Band on the Run (the intro is weak but wait until Dave starts rocking!)

As a Canadian I keep asking myself: why can’t our public broadcaster give us more quality programming like PBS?

McCartney was receiving the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song and performed many of his hits, along with musical friends Dave Grohl, Jack White, Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, EmmyLou Harris and others.  You have to sing for your supper when at the White House apparently.
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Anniversary of ADA brings presidential order to hire more disabled workers

Less than 1% of the US Federal workforce have disabilities

Rep. Jim Langevin (D-R.I.) speaks at an event to mark the American With Disabilities Act's 20th anniversary. The House also voted this week to make the Internet and television more accessible. (Alex Brandon/associated Press)

By Lisa Rein Washington Post

As the country marks the 20th anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act this week, the Obama administration and Congress are taking steps to give the disabled greater access to federal jobs and technology.

Under a new executive order from President Obama, federal agencies will step up efforts to hire 100,000 disabled employees over the next five years. Ten years ago this month, President Bill Clinton laid out the same goal in a similar order, Obama wrote in Monday’s order, but “few steps were taken to implement [the order] in subsequent years.”

According to a report released this week by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, workers with targeted disabilities — including deafness, blindness, missing extremities, mental retardation and partial or complete paralysis — represent less than 1 percent of the federal workforce.

The order directs the Office of Personnel Management, in consultation with the Labor Department, the EEOC and the Office of Management and Budget, to design strategies within 60 days for recruiting and hiring disabled workers. Personnel managers at government agencies must be trained in employing the disabled. Agencies will then be required to develop plans for recruiting and keeping the workers.   Continue reading Anniversary of ADA brings presidential order to hire more disabled workers

Economist Predicts G20 Austerity will deepen third depression

Plan to cut deficits in half in three years means austerity or higher taxes which will drive the economy into a depression

Irish housing project abandoned when real estate market colllapsed image: Eoin O'Conaill for the International Herald Tribune.

The ink is barely dry on the last minute agreement of President Obama to reduce the US deficit by $750 billion dollars in three years. Driven by the desperation of the European Union and Canada’s posturing on fiscal restraint, Obama is already backtracking on the promise with good reason.

The US is still in a depression from the bank collapse of 2008 and things are only marginally better. Unemployment is a historic highs. Housing sales tanked after the Federal grants ended. Other than high-profile iPhones and gadgets, consumption of consumer goods is not improving.

The New York Times is carrying an op-ed piece by economist Paul Krugman who believes we are already slipping into a “third depression.”

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Obama negotiates climate change deal but what is it?

With no targets, no guarantees and no positive climate change what does the deal accomplish?

Obama at Copenhagen
Obama at Copenhagen

It’s not what’s in the deal. It’s what is not in the agreement.

Story and video on the next page.

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Obama and the Gang of Five cut deal in Copenhagen

Obama muscles his way into Gang of Five to hammer out environmental framework

President Obama in Copenhagen
President Obama in Copenhagen

President Obama announced a framework deal for climate change with four other nations.

China, India, Brazil and South Africa were holding all the cards on a agreement and Obama used his persuasion to close the deal.

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China throws monkey wrench into climate deal

China refuses international monitoring at the last minute

Terry Tamminen photo- CBC
Terry Tamminen photo- CBC

The partial deal on climate change control in Copenhagen was thrown a “monkey wrench” at the last minute when China refused to have international monitoring.

Video and story follows

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Obama says tighten up auto deal, DOW drops 254

CAW says no deal, what are they thinking about ?

President Obama, who announced the plans Monday with Treasury Secretary Geithner, said the U.S. would not let the auto industry "simply vanish." WSJ photo

Beware the ides of March: phony stock market bubble ended today with the realization Chrysler and GM have to sharpen their pencils more. President Obama is toying with a bankruptcy cleansing to wipe out the old debt, bondholders and retiree pension liabilities from GM and Chrysler.  The Wall Street Journal reports

President Barack Obama’s task force has told both companies that the administration prefers this route as a way to reorganize the two auto makers, rather than the prolonged out-of-court process that has thus far frustrated administration officials.

The DOW dropped 254 points to 7,552 and will continue south since their is no good news in this story. The TSX slipped only 224. More to come.

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Wall Street bail out is bunk

Wall Street reaction (WKRG News photo)

The $700 billion bail-out of Wall Street should die a natural death this week and for all good reasons. Wall Street doesn’t need $700 billion although they will whine like babies if they think there is milk and honey coming their way. The bail-out does nothing for the real victims – the millions of Americans who are losing their homes.

Life will go on in Wall Street without the bail out because they are in the business of money and money has no tears. It is greedy. Once Wall Street sorts out that the milk and honey isn’t coming, it will be on with business as usual.

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