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Earl sideswipes NC headed for Massachusetts, Moncton and PEI

Downgraded to a Category 2 hurricane Earl still packs winds of 105 miles an hour of 168 km/h

In Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island last night there was a line up at Peake’s Quay as nervous boat owners trailered their boats and brought them ashore. The damage from Hurricane Juan, which was not predicted until too late, only seven years ago is still fresh in their minds.

All over Atlantic Canada people were getting ready for Hurricane Earl, the first hurricane of the season, heading up the Eastern Seaboard.

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Pikeville Library, Wayne County, North Carolina

My cousin Stephen Pate shot at, the officer killed

Pikeville Library, Wayne County, North Carolina
The old Pikeville Public Library, Wayne County, North Carolina with the new wheelchair ramp

Stephen Pate, NJN Network, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, May 12 2009 with story from Goldsboro News-Argus

I just received news that my cousin Stephen Pate in North Carolina narrowly missed being killed by a man. Stephen was assisting in arresting the man of for domestic abuse. We know how volatile those domestic situations can be from television stories. My mother tells me I was named after my cousin. Continue reading