McMaster University Against PhD Student in Ontario Human Rights Tribunal

McMaster PhD candidate says McMaster failed to provide reasonable accommodation for his cognitive disability

McMaster health sciences
McMaster University going before Ontario Human Rights on disability accommodation complaint (photo McMaster)

“On Friday, July 19 2013 the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario will begin hearing the disability discrimination claim brought against McMaster University by former PhD student, Jason Tang.” ARCH

The demonstrable failure of McMaster is to stand their ground and not allow Mr. Tang a reasonable accommodation required by law.

McMaster had several opportunities along the way to mediate this dispute.

The second failure of the Canadian Human Rights system is that Mr. Tang has to sue the university on his own without government support. Continue reading McMaster University Against PhD Student in Ontario Human Rights Tribunal

Get a blog not a website

Websites are passé a 90s thing. Blogs are cheaper, more efficient and easier for people to use

WordPress self-hosted

People are always telling me they are going to put up a website and I ask Why?

Why would anyone put up a website? They are costly to build and even more costly to maintain.

McMaster University is complaining that they lost their $100,000 grant and now the CanChild website will go down.

The site provides information on children with disabilities. It gets 4,000 hits a week, That’s not a high volume by any stretch.

Continue reading Get a blog not a website