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Tony Clement, Minister of Industry and Commerce.

Government not truthful about long form census

Political pressure yields small concession from Harper Government to Francophones

Tony Clement, Minister of Industry and Commerce.

After weeks of pressure from almost every political, religious, business, ethnic and advocacy group in Canada, the Harper Tories made a small concession yesterday in the long form census.

Assailed as a liar by the NDP and Liberals, Clement will face a motion from the Parliamentary Standing Committee to restore the long-form census when the House of Commons sits in the fall.  Continue reading

Linda McQuaig, writer and social commentator

Harper’s attack on the census: bad news for the poor

Scrapping census will allow Harper Conservatives to shape policies that make the rich richer

Linda McQuaig, writer and social commentator

By Linda McQuaig, Rabble.ca – We hear a great deal about the lives of the rich, much of it sympathetic and often fawning.

Even Conrad Black, despite his history of anti-Canadian outbursts, is treated almost fondly by commentators who generally have a hard-hearted, tough-on-crime attitude toward less well-heeled felons.

The poor rarely get such sympathetic attention; indeed they rarely get much attention at all. And they’re soon to get even less.

That is the real reason for the Harper government’s decision to scrap the long-form census matters, and why the debate over it is more than a bizarre obsession with statistics in this overheated summer.  Continue reading

Prime Minister Stephen Harper getting ready to kick cripples

Harper Government makes direct attack on Canada’s disabled

Cancellation of PALS 2011 will set back the process of providing human rights to 4 million Canadians with disabilities

Prime Minister Stephen Harper getting ready to kick cripples

PRLog – Losing PALS 2011 is a major blow to Canadians living with disabilities. It can only indicate that Prime Minister Harper intends to dismantle the existing supports for Canada’s disabled.

What kind of a bully picks on cripples?

The long-form census controversy is stirring many Canadians. The Globe and Mail reported a small part of the cancellation that will hurt the 4 million Canadians living with Disabilities. Scrapped mandatory census cuts even deeper for disability advocacy group   Continue reading

image: Abilities.ca

Scrapped mandatory census cuts even deeper for disability advocacy group

Disability advocacy groups have major challenge ahead following cuts to the census and StatsCan’s disability survey

image: Abilities.ca

Campbell Clark, Globe and Mail

Making the long-form census voluntary instead of mandatory is not the first change to the way Statistics Canada collects data since the Conservatives took office. Several surveys have been discontinued.

The Participation and Activity Limitation Survey, Statscan’s major data collection on individuals with disabilities, was cut by the government department that paid for it, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

The Harper government has told advocacy groups a census-related survey that gathers statistics about disabilities will eventually be replaced by a database culled from tax information, welfare rolls and similar databanks – but there’s skepticism about whether that information will be as reliable.   Continue reading