Dylan U2 producer Daniel Lanois injured in accident

Musician has broken bones following motorcycle crash; summer tour canceled

Daniel Lanois injured in bike accident

Daniel Lanois the famed Canadian music producer and recording artists was seriously injured in an LA motorcycle accident.

Lanois was forced to cancel an upcoming European tour with his new band Black Dub.

Lanois was riding in the Silverdale area of Los Angeles on Saturday going home from his studio. He suffered serious but not life threatening injuries when his bike swerved to miss a car and left the street.

“Veteran music journalist Larry LeBlanc, a long-time friend of Lanois, spoke to the musician on Lanois’ cellphone Tuesday. The musician said he had many broken bones and indicated he was in pain, but spoke lucidly and did not seem noticeably under heavy sedation.”

“He just said, Look, I got a lot of broken bones,” LeBlanc said. “He’s always an ‘up’ person anyways.”   (Globe and Mail) Continue reading Dylan U2 producer Daniel Lanois injured in accident