Earl 6 AM update – veering to the North East expected to hit Lockport, Truro and Eastern PEI

Overnight Tropical Storm Earl changed direction slightly to the east and is now headed for the Western Shore of Nova Scotia at 48 km/h with wind speeds of 112 km/h

Maritimers woke up to a strange calm with cloudy skys. Winds of 91 km/h were starting in from Metaghan to Shelburne, Nova Scotia. Rain was heavy in Maine and starting in Western New Brunswick and the southern area near St. Stephen. Where was Tropical Storm Earl?

While picking up speed overnight to 48 km/h (30 mph) it had veered off its original course up the Bay of Fundy was now moving over the continental shelf. At 6 AM it was 219 miles (350 km) from Portland Maine and 156 miles (233 Km) from Yarmouth. It was moving on a path to pass directly over Truro, Nova Scotia at 3 PM and then eastern Prince Edward Island. However, no one including Environment Canada was sure. “We’re not exactly sure,” said Doug Mercer, a meteorologist with Environment Canada. CBC

Prince Edward Island will be hit from Central Queens to all of Kings County with the eye projected to pass over Montague. No one predicted that yesterday.

Perhaps the Acadians in Evangeline knew something when they kept to their schedule for L’Exposition agricole et Le Festival acadien de La Région Évangéline being held today in Abrams Village. They may be spared the worst of the storm

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Municipal boundaries could stretch further in Kings County

Progress may swallow up old villages and school districts

By Steve Sharratt, Charlottetown Guardian, Montague, PEI, Canada, March 30, 2009

MONTAGUE — The phone lines will be humming over the next few weeks as a grassroots effort to build a new super community from Georgetown to Brudenell to Montague and all the way to Sturgeon, tests the water. An initial public meeting to discuss the creation of a greater municipality — tentatively called Three Rivers — drew strong numbers but those in attendance insist even more voices must be heard.
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Consultation process ‘sham’

Last Eastern School District public meeting in Morell

NANCY WILLIS The Charlottetown Guardian, March 25, 2009

Editor – this is probably one of Nancy Willis’ last articles for the Charlottetown Guardian since they decided to close the Souris Office and lay Nancy off. It’s a sad week for Kings County. I’ve known Nancy since 1976 and hope she finds something equally rewarding soon.

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Friday the 13th redux

Bad luck is often what we make

While Friday the 13th started with only slight apprehension and a determination to be careful, events can overtake you when lady luck goes for a drive.

The day went along swimmingly. Stories flowed slowly from my two fingers. Projects like mailing back two TC Helicon floor pedals remained unpacked in boxes on the hall floor where they had been all week. My new song 56 Percent Man remained unrecorded. I was being cautious, not pushing my chances. The recording session the night before was a disaster with the computer deciding my music was not recordable. Research on Friday proved the fault to be mine: I neglected to turn on the Firewire drivers to encourage the song to flow from the mixer. Other than that I was in a fine mood. Continue reading Friday the 13th redux