Charlottetown Farmer’s Market to install automatic door

Charlottetown Farmers Marker, photo: reinvented
Charlottetown Farmers Marker, photo: reinvented

I just got some good news for Islanders with disabilities who visit the Charlottetown Farmer’s Market. The board accepted our request to install an automatic door for wheelchair users and other persons with disabilities.

The installation is expected to be completed late in the spring this year.

The request came from Lorraine Mutch who commented one day that it was hard for seniors and people with disabilities to open the door near the accessible parking. She was right. I encouraged Lorraine to ask Roger Greaves, the manager, herself for the door opener, since two voices are stronger than one. Continue reading Charlottetown Farmer’s Market to install automatic door

RDSP’s little help

By Stephen Pate
NJN News

The Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSP’S) implemented by the government are useless for most Islanders with disabilities.

Social Services and Seniors Minister Doug Currie, solution disconnected from the problem for disabled

A benefit cited in the press release that follows says, “Families of people with disabilities will be able to take advantage of new Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSPs) while also receiving support from the Department of Social Services and Seniors.”
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Conservatives, NDP have no response on disablities in Election…yet

Conservatives and NDP are no-shows

We heard back from the Green Party and the Liberal Party candidates in Election 2008. A chart of their responses is above.

There have been no responses from the Conservative Party and the NDP.

Rumour on the Conservatives is the candidates are on a short leash and not allowed to speak. I met Tom DeBlois at the Farmer’s Market and he pretended he never got my email. Shame Tom – aren’t you modern?

The NDP appear disorganized. Again at the Farmer’s Market, Brian Pollard admitted pondering a reply that hadn’t happened.

22,000 Islanders with disabilities, their families and caregivers deserve a reply.

Detailed candidate responses are at Election Canada 2008 Disability