Windows Store blows past 35,000 apps

The Microsoft Windows Store has 35,971 apps for Windows 8 customers

Windows Store has 35,971 apps
Windows Store has 35,971 apps

According to MetroStore Scanner the Microsoft Store has 35,971 apps for Windows 8.

That’s 16,000 more apps than the Microsoft Store had at the end of November.

The rate of new apps has accelerated to 415 per day from 362 per day in November.
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Globe and Mail not ready for Windows 8

Canada’s premiere news site is using still Adobe Flash videos and not HTML 5 compliant

Globe and Mail, still using out-of-date Flash videos

I am using Windows 8 full-time now to see what problems still exist.

Imagine my surprise to find the Globe and Mail, the CBC and other news sites are still using Adobe Flash for videos and not compatible with Windows 8 Metro

Sites that serve Flash videos are becoming the museum of modern computer archaeology by clinging to Flash. The IE 10 Guidelines for Building Touch-friendly Sitesis fairly short. What seems to be the problem?

Does your local newspaper or TV station website still use Flash?

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How to make your computer 5 times faster without spending a cent

Internet Explorer 9 is the new web speed demon with GPU acceleration pushing 5 times faster than Firefox 4 and Safari

IE 9 the new speed demon (Speed Demon logo @ J.G. Roshell)

The best way to upgrade your internet experience this year is the free upgrade to Internet Explorer 9.

Microsoft’s IE 9 felt faster so I put it to the test.

IE 9 clocks five times faster than the Firefox 4 beta in a series of HTML 5 tests. IE 9 is four times faster than Safari 5.

Since we spend most of our computer time on the internet, that can translate into a major performance upgrade of the computer and it costs nothing, one of the better bargains in computing.  Continue reading How to make your computer 5 times faster without spending a cent

IE 9 is here but are you ready

Microsoft’s IE 9 faster and better web browser will be released March 2011. Broken websites are starting to show problems already

Some websites have problems with text in IE 9 if they are not compatible with HTML 5 and CS3

The Release Candidate of Microsoft’s anticipated update of Internet Explorer 9 is available today. It shows many websites using old technology need a refresh.

I downloaded the RC and whoops, lots of websites didn’t look like they conformed to HTML 5 or some new standard.

Overall, I’d say Internet Explorer 9 is a big hit. It makes my computer seem faster and promises better web browsing.

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Put yourself in Arcade Fire rock video

Arcade Fire’s video The Wilderness Downtown uses HTML 5 to include your home in the action

The Wilderness Downtown

Arcade Fire have produced an innovative rock video for their song The Wilderness Downtown that puts your home and your street right into the video. It is awesome.

Because it uses HTML 5, it works best in Google Chrome which you can download for free. It doesn’t hurt your computer to have Chrome and IE and Firefox so no harm in trying.

The instructions tell you to put the home where you were brought up. May not work if it has become a condo development like my old address. Any address seems to work.

The video also works in Firefox 4.00 beta 1 which has HTML 5 built in.

The video is pretty imaginative and a little far out but it shows where we are headed with the next round of browsers.

They suggest closing all other programs since the processing is intensive.  Arcade Fire – The Wilderness Downtown suggested by TechDirt.

Apple can’t push the world off Flash video

Flash has 85% market share and the iPad isn’t going to move everyone to HTML 5 and H.264 video

Time Warner and NBC pass on iPad

Steve Job’s visions of world domination may will likely wither in the heat of summer this year. He wants everyone to dump Adobe Flash for the new HTML 5 and H.264 video standards.

Sounds great eh? First it’s impossible. 85% of the videos on the web are Flash. Think about the cost of converting all those libraries if you wanted to do it.

Cool Apple iPad arrives in Canada

I’ve been looking and there are no cheap solutions.

NBC and Time Warner figured that out and will pass on the chance to make Steve Jobs richer. Their statement is not the end-all-and-be-all. Neither NBC nor Time-Warner are technology leaders.

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