Android coming on strong in Canada

New models are arriving weekly with more to come by September

Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant, brilliant screen and fast processor on Android smart phone (image: Bell Mobility)

Exactly one month ago we reported that Canada was an Android wasteland. The landscape has changed dramatically since then with most cellphone carriers releasing new and hot Android smartphones.

In the United States, one company T Mobile announced it will ship 16 new handsets this year which demonstrates the variety available for customers. All of these are Android and do not include the iPhone.

Bell Mobility

Bell has released the Samsung¬† Galaxy S Vibrant this week with a sharp 4″ AMOLED screen and 1 GHz processor running Android 2.1. The phones will automatically upgrade to Android 2.2 this fall but this is a weak point for Google with some phones running the more advanced and desirable 2.2 version.¬† Continue reading Android coming on strong in Canada