$50 ‘plug computers’ will Web-enable our hard drives


File under: what will they think of next

With stories from Computerworld and Marvell

A silicon valley company that supplies controllers for the small drives in hand held devices has introduced the newest and cheapest device for your home.

Marvel “is trying to create a new category of inexpensive, energy-efficient devices it calls “plug computers,” for which it would supply the integrated processors. Strongly resembling those vacation timers that turn on your lights at night to ward off potential robbers, a plug computer is more of a home networking gadget that transforms external hard drives or USB thumb drives into full network-attached storage (NAS) devices.” The low power device will connect home computer harddrives to each other and to the wireless world. It’s a home network file server at an unbelievable price point.

A more complex product like the HP EX470 MediaSmart Home Server runs $600 and is a server with the maintenance issues. As we collect more pictures, videos, mp3 across the computer-for-every-person in the house world central storage becomes a problem that needs a solution. Looks cool.