Should the US and Canada allow more Haitian immigrants

Spectacle of sick, dying and starving people may turn hearts but immigration rules are tough

People of Haitian origin queue outside a Montreal immigration firm that promises to help accelerate the immigration process for those affected by last week's earthquake. (CBC)

With TV news showing us images of the poor in Haiti, law makers in the United States and Canada are being asked to step up the plate and allow more immigration.

In the past both countries have eased immigration quotas during times of international crisis. Often the annual quota each country has for immigrants is not changed, the government just allocates more to one country than normal.

Humanitarians argue the time is now to ease the rules. People are starving. Naturalized Haitians are literally jumping on planes for Haiti hoping to convince consular officials to let them take relatives back to North America.

There will likely be little work for them in Haiti, some say, and people are in dire straits now.

Others balance that with the amount of reconstruction that will create a construction boom unlike one Haiti has never seen before. Continue reading Should the US and Canada allow more Haitian immigrants

Man in Haiti killed for picking up rice in the street

Rescue workers, military, doctors and nurses work tirelessly – man shot with a bag of rice

Despite all the effort in Haiti bureaucratic bungles mean that people still need medical attention, serious medical attention. They also need food. Why don’t they just open up a line at the depots so people can walk across the city to get food?
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Royal Caribbean lines to resume vacations in Haiti

Waiter run and get me a drink – who cares if you’re family’s dead or hurt?

A Royal Caribbean passenger took this photo of the cruise line's facilities in Labadee, Haiti, during a stop in 2006
A Royal Caribbean passenger took this photo of the cruise line's facilities in Labadee, Haiti, during a stop in 2006

Corporate greed and insensitivity rose to new heights as Royal Caribbean announced it was returning tourists to Haiti at the beginning of February. They have a guarded resort 100 miles from devastation, death and injury so why not. The Internet is ablaze denouncing it but the greedy money boys know there is no time like the present to make money and capitalize on some free publicity.

A St. Mary’s University, Halifax ethicist professor says it’s all good (we don’t agree but that’s free speech) “The proximity sets off our gut reactions, but it doesn’t seem to make any real moral difference, he said. Mullis pointed out that the Dominican Republic — Haiti’s touristy neighbor on the island of Hispaniola — is also close to the disaster but is doing business as usual.”Anyone who doesn’t feel a bit of awkwardness at the thought of beach volleyball in the north of Haiti right now doesn’t have normal moral intuitions,” MacDonald said.”

For details on their self-serving logic, check out CNN.

Wyclef Jean is exhausted and frustrated

Yele Haiti Lends a Hand in Port au Prince while civil rule is gone

By Wyclef Jean

The hip-hop singer spent Friday rounding up the dead from the rubble of Port-au-Prince, and said the violence – including the killing of a local boy working for his charity – and desperation is too much to bear.

“We need a state of emergency,” said Jean, whose Yele Haiti foundation has been raising relief funds and collecting supplies.

“I am just frustrated,” he said. “Right now the country is in dire need of fuel, water, medicine.”
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Heroes and not-so-heroic in Haiti

Haiti crisis brings out the best and questionable in people

Dr. Sanjay Gupta
Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Watching this story continuously since Wednesday is the most difficult emotional event in memory for me. The death and destruction is too vast to comprehend. The response from people has been genuine, humane and heroic in many cases during the crisis.

Heroes – without slighting anyone

All of the mothers, fathers, children and people of Haiti for suffering so much but keeping their will to survive.

Wyclef Jean. raggae singer, for mobilizing the internet to aid his fellow countrymen from the first moments after the tragedy and returning home with his family to pitch in.
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