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SEO link building scams waste of time

SEO programs try to build traffic by building links

Website revenue is supposed to be based on advertising clicks which is based on website traffic. Back in the old days – as in 3 years ago – you might be able to build revenue that way.

Scam artists sell kits to unsuspecting people showing them how to set up a website with scraped content based on the most popular search results. See Google sues work-at-home scams.

The technique is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Google spends a lot of effort to block companies who aggressively use SEO instead of having real content. The reason is obvious – we expect a Google search to deliver the best sites to look at not a bunch of ad-stuffed, copy cat sites.

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free music

Digital age is making paupers of artists and writers

Free sharing of creatives is a zero sum game that only benefits Google and other lords of the internet cloud

The Internet and digital transmission of movies, music and writing – the creative works – has spawned the scenario where it is easier for artists to distribute their works and harder to get compensation.

The companies who control the net – ISPs and Google – are becoming the wealthy new “lords of the cloud.”

The extreme socialist views of the Web 2.0 credo have not resulted in better lives for artists but turned them into sellers of t-shirts and memorabilia.

Prior to the modern recording industry artists needed patrons – kings and queens, lords and ladies. Rich patrons sponsored the arts. An artist could also busk and some played to audiences in booked halls. It wasn’t considered a career. Continue reading

Most anti-virus emails and reviews are scams – here are some you can trust updated

Spyware promotions are in the same category – however you must use good anti-virus, malware and rootware software

Updated January 15th, 2009 see end note.

More than 50 million people have been tricked into paying for virus software that doesn’t work or they don’t need. We all need virus software on our computers as more people try to hack into them. However, the fear of viruses and malware is an industry in itself.

Scam artists are using every trick in book and a few new ones to trap unsuspecting people. There are phony sites called “Free Download Virus Software”, “Best Virus Softare”, “TopTenREVIEWS”. There are so many bogus sites it’s hard to keep up with them.

So for the record, here are the top virus software programs that work and are not a waste of money.

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Google sues work-at-home scams

Get rich quick on the Internet scams use Google’s trademark

Google is taking a new approach to stopping the scams that prey on get-rich-quick schemes. Google has filed a trademark suit against Pacific WebWorks.

The company, in the claim, is said to run hundreds of schemes that bilk the unsuspecting of $50 or more dollars a month. Subscribers are told they can make money from home on the internet. It’s easy and the company will sell you the secrets they have learned that made them rich.   Continue reading

Rupert Murdoch accused Google of theft

Google to limit access to paid news sites

Rupert Murdoch accused Google of theft
Rupert Murdoch accused Google of theft

Google blinks first in war with media

From Guardian.co.uk

How powerful is media mogul Rupert Murdoch? Powerful enough to get Google to back down from its policy of not paying news sources.

Google will soon begin to limit access to 5 stories a day to newspaper or other media sites that want readers to pay for content.

Google News will still aggregate or list those stories. Readers who are not subscribers to the particular media source will be stopped after the 5th story they read.

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China will censor every computer for pornography and banned content

Google is forced to yield to Chinese censorship

The boom in China’s economy has not ended centralized government control and restrictions of freedom

Story from Guardian.co.uk

Despite protests from Google and the US Government, China is pushing ahead to limit Internet access on all computers in the country. All computers will be forced to run a program called “Green Dam” that was initially said to filter pornography. It is suspected to be capable of filtering objectionable political commentary.

Google and YouTube have tried to negotiate better access to China but their efforts have been stonewalled by the Chinese Government.

Green Dam is said to impair the security of the computer but China will not be deterred from implementing it.

Google has been negotiating for years with China in a complicated and often frustrating process.

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