Google’s Nexus One an iPhone beater?

We have a hands-on comparison or does it even matter when the market for 3G phones is largely untapped

Nexus One
Nexus One

The Google Nexus One phone is out and the inevitable comparisons with the iPhone have started. Is it better? Will it kill the iPhone or at least take the lead?

Considering that Apple only has .5% of the market for 4G post-pay phones in the US, the question is really irrelevant. Google has a much wider market to look at than the one that Apple has carved out in two years.

The Google Nexus One looks very interesting and I would switch in a heartbeat mainly to try it out but the phone is not available in Canada. Google has the website for purchase at $529 US turned off if you land from Canada. Give me a week or two to get around that if I can.

Key advantages of the Google Nexus One are: it’s new, multi-tasking, integration with Google applications and open technology.  You can run any Android applications on the Nexus One and you don’t have to lock into a closed shop like the iTunes Store. The phone can be purchased directly from Google unlocked and available for any GSM network. This frees the customer to pick the carrier of their choice. It will put pressure on the networks to drop 2 and 3 year contracts.

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Engadget has preview of Google Nexus One with video

Exclusive: Google Nexus One hands-on, video, and first impressions

Google's Nexus One
Google's Nexus One

Tomorrow is January 5th and the announcement day for Google’s Nexus One cellphone.

The Android powered phone is expected to give iPhone a run for its money with integration of Google aps like Google Maps, Street View, and Gmail.

They have a hands-on video that gives you a flavour for the new phone. Check it out.

Leaked Google Nexus One Phone to Launch Jan 5th

Leaked Nexus One Documents: $530 Unlocked, $180 With T-Mobile

Nexus one
Nexus One landing page

Today is the day for more leaks on the anticipated Google Android phone. It will be launched in San Francisco on January 5th, 2010 according to Seth Gordon.

Beyond the early adopters who want every gizmo released, the real draw of the Nexus One will be Google’s ability to delivery the variety of integrated Internet services like Google real time search, maps, street view and Near Me Now.

“It will be sold for $529.99 unsubsidized. That is actually less than an iPhone at $199 if you concede that AT&T is paying Apple (and you are subsequently paying them pack) $450 for the iPhone 3GS.

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