Suze Rotolo Bob Dylan’s girlfriend from the 60s dead at 67

In memory of Suze Rotolo, immortalized on the cover of  The Freewheelin Bob Dylan and in many of his early songs like Don’t Think Twice

Suze Rotolo with Bob Dylan captured on the cover of The Freewheelin Bob Dylan

Suze Rotolo, one of Bob Dylan’s most famous girlfriends, has died after a long illness at 67. “Village Voice critic Jim Hoberman wrote that she died in her New York apartment “and the arms of her husband of 40 years, Enzo Bartoccioli”. BBC Continue reading Suze Rotolo Bob Dylan’s girlfriend from the 60s dead at 67

You may not own digital downloads locked woman out of Kindle purchases for a month

Kindle (photo:

E-books are fun to use away from home but you don’t own the books, as a woman recently found out.

In a story reported on The Consumerist, the woman purchased a book, was locked out and then told by to merely purchase it again. She did but was still locked out, despite numerous emails.

“I am having major amazon issues. A month ago I bought a kindle and was really excited to use it on vacation. I bought a few books and when I was done, I bought another. Then they froze my account, so I called in and logged a case.
Within 48 hours I got a call back, saying it was an error on their side and they’d unfreeze it for me, but I’d just need to re-order the book. I thought no problem, thanks for the help. So I bought the book a second time and it automatically freezes me out again. I call in and log another case, but get no phone call back as promised from an account specialist.”

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