Heigh-Ho Heigh-Ho iPhone 4 we go

Why I’m not getting an Android phone

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Editor – 600,000 people pre-ordered an iPhone 4 on June 15th making it the biggest first day for any smart-phone. Writer Mitch Wagner wrote Switching from iPhone to Android on June 10th. I know his predicament. I sold my iPhone 3Gs two weeks ago in anticipation of the either the iPhone 4 or switching to Android. So many choices so little time.

By Mitch Wagner, ComputerWorld

I’m mad at Apple right now. I’m tired of their creepy corporate behavior and the way they ignore me. Now would be a perfect time for me to stick a fork in Apple’s eye and go buy an Android phone, right?

But I’m not doing it. I’ve been sucked in by the Apple gravitational field again. I ordered an iPhone 4 yesterday.

Curse you, Apple, with your passive-aggressive corporate culture and your seductive, wonderful products!
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iPhone 4 vs. Android no clear winner but choices abound

iPhone 4 brings Apple closer to Android phones which are getting better in the meantime

Apple versus Android illustration from ComputerWorld

Consumers can only revel in the competition between Apple’s iPhone 4, Google’s Android phones and even Microsoft Mobile. Cell phones are getting more like computers and video cameras that fit in your pocket.

The changes are coming so quickly that customers are demanding shorter contracts with the carriers so that they can swap out their old phones to adopt the newest model. We’ve seen the terms from from 3 years to 2 years over the past year. The deal to trade in an iPhone 6 months early is another step in the process of getting the newer hot phones into customers hands. On the flip side expect user charges for data to increase as we use the phones for more and more computing.

The just release iPhone 4 with it’s touted new features put Apple in direct competition with the Android powered EVO 4G. Sprint said it’s sales of the 4G on Monday broke all previous records for them. We have a comparison of the Apple 4 and EVO G below.

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