Dr. Bob Romcke dies age 80

Distinguished public health dentist and polio survivor passes away

Dr. Bob Romcke
By Stephen Pate, President of the PEI Polio Survivors

Dr. Bob Romcke passed away at the QEH on Thursday January 28th, 2010 at age 80. He was known as a gentleman and a man of courage and perseverance.

Dr. Bob was a dentist. While studying dentistry at McGill University in Montreal as a young man he contracted polio. The deadly illness, that was a scourge back then, affected his upper body.

He had to take a leave from his studies and spent sometime in an iron lung.

Dr. Bob endured his recovery and convalescence. He was able to leave the iron lung behind, return to McGill University and graduate as a dentist.

In 1965, Dr. Bob started what would become universal dental care for Island children. It was his vision and determination that drove the child dental program for decades.
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