Do you still lick the Christmas card envelope?

Has CSI made you nervous about DNA


Talking about evidence and court is creeping me out. You watch CSI Miami and everything is evidence. You drink from a Tim Horton’s coffee cup and some guy in a white suit and latex gloves is picking the thing out of a garbage can with tweezers.

Does it make you nervous too?

I’m wondering if I should lick the Christmas Card envelopes this year in case there is a crime scene when they get to their destination. Perhaps they can track me back to my place and I’ll be a suspect, albeit a thousand miles away.

My alibi could be shot by Greenpeace who put my soul in a cardboard box and ship it to Copenhagen or anywhere

Perhaps I’ll drop into Shopper’s Drug Mart for gloves and Q-Tips to moisten the glue.

Scotland Yard bungled Nightstalker case

Artists sketch of Nightstalker handed out by police
Artists sketch of Nightstalker handed out by police

Jehovah’s Witness Delroy Grant identified twice but slipped through police fingers

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The case of the Nightstalker had Scotland Yard searching for 17 years looking for the man who raped, assaulted and robbed more than 100 seniors in and around London England.

Human error ten years ago let Grant continue his crime spree and religious ministry.

Scotland Yard is estimated to have spent $32 million US in hunting down the elusive Nightstalker.

Ten years ago a witness gave police Grant’s license number when a house was buglered in Orpington, Kent. The modus operandi was similar to the Nightstalker.

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