If Windows 8 has you feeling lost install the Google Apps

Free Google Search App works like a charm on Windows 8

Google Search App for Windows 8

Installing the Google Search App for Windows 8 can help you bridge the gap between old and new Windows.

It’s free and installs from the Windows Store
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Internet Explorer 9 wins speed race then stumbles

Actual use of Internet Explorer 9 can be a painful experience while Firefox 4 is smooth

Microsoft Internet Explorer has beaten off its competitors in a series of speed tests but it can be annoyingly slow and clumsy in use.

As the updated chart shows, Internet Explorer 9 is the fastest browser, beating Firefox 4, Safari 5 and the latest Chrome beta. (Thanks to Craig for the Chrome tests since I don’t have the browser).

Tests are not the real world of living on the internet for hours at a time.

Internet Explorer 9 also has some real world improvements such as Pinned Sites which allows you to create Windows 7 Task Bar icons for your favourite sites. I used that for several weeks and loved it.  Continue reading Internet Explorer 9 wins speed race then stumbles

Chrome Browser Fast Internet Explorer 9 Faster

ComputerWorld tests show Chrome has picked up speed but Opera and IE9 are faster

Chart by ComputerWorld, shorter is better

ComputerWorld touts the new Chrome 10 browser as faster Hands-on: Chrome 10 pushes the browser speed barrier

“The new version of Google’s Chrome browser adds speed, password syncing and a new Options tab.”

The comparison to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 is a bit disengenuous since the tests show IE 9 (being released on March 14th) is the fastest browser.

Opera 11 is faster than Chrome 10 as well.

Speed isn’t everything. Ease of use and functionality mean more than raw speed since the browser is waiting for instructions most of the time.

We’ll report more in IE 9’s new features later. How to make your computer 5 times faster without spending a cent

How to make your computer 5 times faster without spending a cent

Internet Explorer 9 is the new web speed demon with GPU acceleration pushing 5 times faster than Firefox 4 and Safari

IE 9 the new speed demon (Speed Demon logo @ J.G. Roshell)

The best way to upgrade your internet experience this year is the free upgrade to Internet Explorer 9.

Microsoft’s IE 9 felt faster so I put it to the test.

IE 9 clocks five times faster than the Firefox 4 beta in a series of HTML 5 tests. IE 9 is four times faster than Safari 5.

Since we spend most of our computer time on the internet, that can translate into a major performance upgrade of the computer and it costs nothing, one of the better bargains in computing.  Continue reading How to make your computer 5 times faster without spending a cent

Firefox to add do-not-track feature

Firefox will allow users to foil advertisers who track what you read and buy

Firefox 4.0 beta

The ability of advertisers to spy on you will be limited in Firefox and Chrome soon.

As we wrote in Why you don’t always get the best price, your computer is watching you and telling vendors the highest price you will pay.

It’s extremely annoying and an invasion of privacy.

Washington Post – Mozilla announced it will put a do-not-track feature in its Firefox browser to allow users to opt-out of online behavioral advertising.

The company has said it does not know whether the feature, an HTTP header, will ship with Firefox 4.0. Mozilla Technology and Privacy Officer Alex Fowler posted an outline of the feature to his personal blog on Sunday, explaining the background of the feature and how the company thinks it will affect users. “We believe the header-based approach has the potential to be better for the web in the long run because it is a clearer and more universal opt-out mechanism than cookies or blacklists,” Fowler wrote.

Politico is reporting that Google Chrome will implement a similar feature today, in the form of an extension called “Keep My Opt-Outs,” based on the National Advertising Initiative’s existing opt-out tool.

IE 9 Chrome or Firefox 4 which one

They all have a new version or beta out this month

Three of the major browsers have new versions but not all of them are ready for prime time. Here’s my take based on use.  Update – you might want to check out Chrome and Firefox may break Outlook. In a week of trying, the links are still broken from installing Chrome.

IE 9

Microsoft released their public beta of IE 9 this week.  Of course it’s supposed to be faster and it seems faster than Chrome. The advantage is sub second so it won’t make life that much better.

IE 9 supports HTML 5 and the new video standard H.264 without a plug-in. IE 9 has GPU (graphical processor) accelerators that make some intensive graphics faster and smoother.

Overall, it seems cleaner and less cluttered that IE 8.

However, the IE 9 Beta is not ready for prime time. It would not install on one Widows 7 64 bit computer but would on another. Microsoft suggested 6 updates but none of them were installable.   Continue reading IE 9 Chrome or Firefox 4 which one

Chrome 6 browser speedy and stable

Google celebrates the 2nd anniversary of its foray into the browser war with Release 6 of Chrome and increased market share

Google Chrome browser

At the relatively young age of two years old, Google can be plenty proud of it’s entrant in the Internet browser wars with Chrome.

It is shipping release 6 and steadily gaining market share on all competition.

Chrome 6 is slightly faster than Firefox and IE and benefits from a simple interface.

The address bar and search bar are the same. Type in what you are looking for and it will suggest sites or allow you to use the Google Search page. That took a few minutes to get used to. I kept looking for a search bar.

Chrome is quicker to start than either Internet Explorer or Firefox. When I tried it last year, quicker meant fewer features. Now it’s just faster.

Organizing work is intuitive. Within a few minutes of installing Chrome 6 yesterday, I had imported bookmarks, set up the bookmark bar and organized my workspace. Chrome didn’t import all my passwords so there is a bit of work to enter them as I go to along.   Continue reading Chrome 6 browser speedy and stable

Put yourself in Arcade Fire rock video

Arcade Fire’s video The Wilderness Downtown uses HTML 5 to include your home in the action

The Wilderness Downtown

Arcade Fire have produced an innovative rock video for their song The Wilderness Downtown that puts your home and your street right into the video. It is awesome.

Because it uses HTML 5, it works best in Google Chrome which you can download for free. It doesn’t hurt your computer to have Chrome and IE and Firefox so no harm in trying.

The instructions tell you to put the home where you were brought up. May not work if it has become a condo development like my old address. Any address seems to work.

The video also works in Firefox 4.00 beta 1 which has HTML 5 built in.

The video is pretty imaginative and a little far out but it shows where we are headed with the next round of browsers.

They suggest closing all other programs since the processing is intensive.  Arcade Fire – The Wilderness Downtown suggested by TechDirt.