Earl 6 AM update – veering to the North East expected to hit Lockport, Truro and Eastern PEI

Overnight Tropical Storm Earl changed direction slightly to the east and is now headed for the Western Shore of Nova Scotia at 48 km/h with wind speeds of 112 km/h

Maritimers woke up to a strange calm with cloudy skys. Winds of 91 km/h were starting in from Metaghan to Shelburne, Nova Scotia. Rain was heavy in Maine and starting in Western New Brunswick and the southern area near St. Stephen. Where was Tropical Storm Earl?

While picking up speed overnight to 48 km/h (30 mph) it had veered off its original course up the Bay of Fundy was now moving over the continental shelf. At 6 AM it was 219 miles (350 km) from Portland Maine and 156 miles (233 Km) from Yarmouth. It was moving on a path to pass directly over Truro, Nova Scotia at 3 PM and then eastern Prince Edward Island. However, no one including Environment Canada was sure. “We’re not exactly sure,” said Doug Mercer, a meteorologist with Environment Canada. CBC

Prince Edward Island will be hit from Central Queens to all of Kings County with the eye projected to pass over Montague. No one predicted that yesterday.

Perhaps the Acadians in Evangeline knew something when they kept to their schedule for L’Exposition agricole et Le Festival acadien de La Région Évangéline being held today in Abrams Village. They may be spared the worst of the storm

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Earl midnight update – storm moving eastward landfall east of Yarmouth heading for PEI

Tropical Storm Earl now off Cape Cod, heading for Yarmouth about 11 AM with 104 km/h winds

Tropical Storm Earl expected landfall east of Yarmouth (image StormPulse)

Earl is picking up speed now moving forward at 25 miles per hour. Winds of 75 miles per hour are expect to reduce to 65 miles per hour (1o4 km/h) as the storm makes landfall east of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Landfall on PEI will happen around 3 PM with the eye of the storm over Victoria, PEI.

Cape Cod got off lightly with heavy winds and drenching rain but no major hurricane damage. There were reports of beach erosion and one home near Chatham may be lost to the sea.

Environment Canada had not updated the 9:09 PM update at midnight and still predicts Earl will land west of Yarmouth, NS. The morning will tell the tale. Continue reading Earl midnight update – storm moving eastward landfall east of Yarmouth heading for PEI

Earl 3 PM update – still tracking to sideswipe Cape Cod and hit Nova Scotia and PEI Saturday

Hurricane Earl keeps to the same path, speed and velocity, 80 mph at core will hit Cape Cod before midnight Friday

Hurricane Earl, 185 miles from New York City and Boston

Heavy rainfall and high winds are reported along the US coast from Virginia Beach to Atlantic City. Vacationers on Long Island and Cape Cod are disappointed as plans are changed. Beaches are closed or closing. Boats brought in and buildings shuttered.

Earl has been downgraded to a Category 1 hurricane which does not mean the danger is over.

“Cape Cod and the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket face the most serious threat from Earl, expected to hit late Friday and early Saturday.

“We still think it will be a hurricane when it passes by Cape Cod,” said James Franklin, the National Hurricane Center’s chief forecaster.” Fox News

There is no change in the forecast for New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI. Earl is expected to hit landfall near Metaghan, NS and proceed through to Moncton and Western Prince Edward Island.

Environment Canada has not changed its issued Tropical Storm Warning, Wind Warning and heavy rainfall warning.

Heavy rain…Amounting to 40 to 70 millimetres will likely fall over portions of the Maritimes on Saturday as Earl tracks across the region….With southern and Central New Brunswick and Northwestern Prince Edward Island being the most likely areas to receive these amounts. Over many areas of the Maritimes very heavy downpours are likely…With 25 millimetres or more possible in one hour. Environment Canada

Earl sideswipes NC headed for Massachusetts, Moncton and PEI

Downgraded to a Category 2 hurricane Earl still packs winds of 105 miles an hour of 168 km/h

In Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island last night there was a line up at Peake’s Quay as nervous boat owners trailered their boats and brought them ashore. The damage from Hurricane Juan, which was not predicted until too late, only seven years ago is still fresh in their minds.

All over Atlantic Canada people were getting ready for Hurricane Earl, the first hurricane of the season, heading up the Eastern Seaboard.

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