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Leonard Cohen Karma and Kijiji

Leonard Cohen’s financial misfortune changed his Karma. Can it change ours?

Leonard Halifax 5
Leonard Cohen on stage Halifax NS (Blackberry photo)

By 2006, Leonard Cohen’s lifetime financial assets had been devastated by his close friend and business advisor.

Leonard Cohen’s karma has changed since then, and he is spreading joy and humility to his audiences.

That spirit travels ahead of him, with him and after him.  Leonard Cohen became part of my karma and I owe it all to Kijiji.

Travel that road with me for a moment.
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Dalai Lama and Trinley Dorje

Top Buddhist says Video war games satiate my feelings of aggression

Dalai Lama and Trinley DorjeFile under: things my kids told me 15 years ago – video games are good for you

I am a little shocked that Lama in line to replace the Dalai Lama likes video games but he is young. I used to play video games and sometimes wondered if the violence was bad.

Apparently not according to one of the leaders of a religion that promotes meditation and passive behavior.

In his book Whole New Mind author Daniel Pink claimed surveys show people under 30 know all the video games but don’t remember one Shakespearean play. We might bemoan the loss of 500 years of literature but that isn’t happening. Continue reading


The Lord in my Shepherd I shall not want


Never underestimate the power of spirituality in keeping things on the sunny side

Spirituality and culture define who we are, what we believe in and our value system. They strengthen us in times of trial and Lord knows life is full of trouble.

My spirituality was formed by a deeply religious Jehovah’s Witness mother, Roman Catholic funerals, and the culture that swirled around me. Nothing resonates deeper than the 23rd Psalm -“The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want.”

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