McAfee promises to pay for XP glitch

Well respected anti-virus company McAfee promises to reimburse repair expenses

Last week McAfee shipped the latest update of their anti-virus software and the update started to remove Windows XP operating system files. Users faced the blue screen of death or an endless series of re-booting routines going no where. Ironically, Network Solutions lack of security took down 5% of their hosted sites over the past two weeks without any apology or compensation.

McAfee have posted a promise on their website to not only help customers fix their bug but reimburse them for the damage.  Continue reading McAfee promises to pay for XP glitch

Facebook Requires McAfee Scan If There’s A Security Breach?

Is This Security Or A Marketing Program?

By TechDirt

sinsi was the first of a few to send in the news that Facebook has new rules if your account is suspended due to a security breach. You will now be required to use McAfee’s security software to scan your computer. Have perfectly good security software from Symantec? Too bad. Use Linux? Not sure what you do. While McAfee is offering a free tool for scanning, it’s only free for six months and then you have to pay — meaning that this is really an upsell plan. Facebook claims it chose McAfee after a “competitive review process,” but that makes no sense. Why not offer up a list of ways that you can prove your computer is safe that is vendor neutral?