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Robert Rollback on PEI Pension Reform

r CALLBECK large570 Robert Rollback on PEI Pension Reform photo

Joe Ghiz and Catherine Callbeck – First Female Premier Catherine Callbeck Never Set Out To Be A Trailblazer (CP Photo)

“The PEI government says it will introduce a number of reforms to its public sector pension plans when the legislature resumes next month, including scrapping guaranteed cost-of-living increases.” Globe and Mail. NJN received this comment from a reader.

Robert Rollback – or a broadside in verse on pensions

By Brandon M.

Once upon a time Prince Edward Island voted red

We looked toward Ms. Callbeck

‘Be premier,’ we said

The first province in Canada to give a woman the lead

We trusted her to know us, what we want and what we’d need Continue reading


UPEI Professor Sean Hennessey Convicted of Tax Evasion

A business professor at UPEI plead guilty to four counts of tax evasion

Sean Hennessey UPEI Professor Sean Hennessey Convicted of Tax Evasion photo

UPEI Professor Sean Hennessey, convicted of tax evasion on money he allegedly defrauded UPEI

Professor Sean Hennessey was accused of failing to disclose more than $45,000 of personal income in each of the tax years of 2008, 2009 and 2010. CBC

The Crown withdrew five other counts against Sean Michael Hennessey of violating either the Excise Act or the Income Tax Act.

Allegations that Hennessey defrauded the University and the Province of Prince Edward Island started the Canada Revenue Agency investigation.

Chief Provincial Court Judge John Douglas fined Hennessey $30,212 — the total owing from four incidents of willfully evading taxes. Hennessey was given one year to pay the full amount.

He told the court he sincerely regrets his actions.

“This has been a horrific experience…and I will never be here again,” he told the court.  Continue reading

Substance Abuse PEI 2011

PEI’s hysterical pain-killer epidemic

The past two weeks has seen the PEI Health Minister clutching at the pain-killer abuse story with the local media parroting his words

Substance Abuse PEI 2011 650x379 PEIs hysterical pain killer epidemic photo

Substance abuse on PEI – alcohol tops the list with marijuana 2nd and all other illicit drugs a distant 3rd

According to PEI’s Minister of Health and the local media, Prince Edward Island has a “painkiller epidemic” but it just ain’t so.

We do know is that if the Province makes it harder to get prescription pain killers PEI’s 25,000 persons living with disabilities will suffer. Pain is the one of the most significant problems for the disabled.  Continue reading


Health Minister and Deputy disagree on PEI’s new war on pain killers

Health PEI is starting a smoke screen war on narcotics to divert public attention from closing rural hospitals – the Minister and his Deputy tell two different stories

Currie Mayne1 Health Minister and Deputy disagree on PEIs new war on pain killers photo

Health Minister Doug Currie and Deputy Dr. Michael Mayne – two versions of “War on Pain Killers” – a smokescreen?

The announced get-tough stance on prescription of pain killers appears to be a smoke screen to divert attention from hospital closings. It is a phony shadow war at best.

Health Canada reports pain-killer use is dropping across Canada. PEI is on par with the national average.

Where is this “dramatic increase” reported by the Minister, CBC and the Charlottetown Guardian?  Continue reading