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Canada, Federal Government, Human Rights, News, NJN, World

Canada Can Save 25,000 Refugees Instead of Killing People

Americans with Disabilities Act, Canada, Disability Alert, Disability Supports, Federal Government, Health care, Human Rights, News, People with disabilities, Poverty, Social Programs

Where Is The Stephen Harper 2007 Canadians With Disabilities Act?

Canada, Entertainment, Federal Government, News, NJN, Politics, TV

How To Solve The 11 Week Canadian Election With Netflix

Canada, Federal Government, News, Politics

Prime Minister Harper Calls Election To Save Taxpayer’s Money

Canada, Federal Government, Journalism, Media, Media biz, News, NJN, TV

Reality Check – CBC Freedom of Information Double Standards

Canada, Crime, Human Rights, Journalism, Law, Media, News, NJN

Another CBC Journalist Charged or Convicted of Sexual Harassment

Entertainment, Music, NJN, USA

President Obama Celebrates Gospel Music History

NJN, Space Exploration, Technology, USA

Set Your Alarm Before Sunrise on April 4th For The Total Eclipse of the Moon

Civil Rights, Human Rights, USA

Justice Department Files Lawsuit Alleging that Southeastern Oklahoma State University Discriminated Against Transgender Woman

Entertainment, NJN, Photography, USA

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