Neda Agha-Soltan’s fiancée sadly remembers her tragic death

Neda Agha-Soltan was shot by the paramilitary Basij. (Nedā Āġā-Soltān; b 1982 – d June 20, 2009)

She was a young, beautiful woman with a positive outlook and hope for the future with her fiance. All that was taken away in an instant.

“Caspian Makan, the fiancée of the young Iranian woman shot last week, tells Al Jazeera of her last moments. “Neda”, which is the Farsi word for voice, was allegedly shot dead by a Basij soldier in Tehran last week.” Al Jazeera English

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Fess Parker Davy Crockett Dies

One of TVs early heroes passes away at 85

Fess Parker as Davy Crockett

Who didn’t wear a coonskin cap and talk like Davy Crockett? Everyone remembers the genial remake of history by Walt Disney in the 1950’s. As a Tennessean Paul Bunyan, Davy Crockett killed a “bar”, chased Indians and showed bravery at the Alamo, the American Waterloo.

Disney was a master at creating the American myth and then capitalizing on it. The merchandising of Davy Crockett hats, coats, guns and other memorabilia became a marketing legend. Kids begged, including this one, their parents to but them Davy Crockett gear. My mother was a pacifist so I had to get my own coonskin cap and gun. I hide it from her.

Buddy Ebsen (Wizard of Oz, Beverly Hillbillies and Barnaby Jones) was Davy Crockett’s sidekick in the TV series. Fess Parker went on to play the role of Abraham Lincoln.
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Alex Chilton Remembered

Fans and fellow musicians leave personal notes on the death of Alex Chilton

Alex Chilton singing The Letter in 2006

Bob Lefsetz wrote a remembrance for Alex Chilton that struck a chord with fans and friends of Alex Chilton first as a musical star with the Box Tops and Big Star. Lefsetz tells how the music hit him, which is how we remember artists. What was I doing the year of that hit. “Who was I going with” kind of remembrance. He makes a passing comment about Chilton’s health and finances.

“We have a fantasy that our heroes live on a higher plane, live a better life than us…that they’re surrounded by bucks and babes.

“But watching Alex Chilton perform you were struck that his life was much more difficult than yours.  He had to go from town to town, playing to appreciative, but tiny audiences, who loved him, but that love won’t keep you warm at night, it won’t pay your bills, it won’t pay your health insurance.  Continue reading Alex Chilton Remembered

Alex Chilton of Box Tops dead at 59

Lifetime career of Memphis musician ends at SXSW

Alex Chilton

The lead singer of the Box Tops, Alex Chilton, died in his hotel room in Austin Texas of a heart attack. He was getting ready for a performance at the SXSW the mega conference of music and creative arts.

His band mates said he hadn’t been feeling well. “Alex passed away a couple of hours ago,” said band mate Jody Stephens. “I don’t have a lot of particulars, but they kind of suspect that it was a heart attack.”

Chilton had early big name success with the hit The Letter when he was 16. The Box Tops had a few lesser hits and broke up in 1970s. Chilton reformed a group as Big Star who became cult favorites. Other hits were In The Street and Thirteen. Continue reading Alex Chilton of Box Tops dead at 59

Dr. Bob Romcke dies age 80

Distinguished public health dentist and polio survivor passes away

Dr. Bob Romcke
By Stephen Pate, President of the PEI Polio Survivors

Dr. Bob Romcke passed away at the QEH on Thursday January 28th, 2010 at age 80. He was known as a gentleman and a man of courage and perseverance.

Dr. Bob was a dentist. While studying dentistry at McGill University in Montreal as a young man he contracted polio. The deadly illness, that was a scourge back then, affected his upper body.

He had to take a leave from his studies and spent sometime in an iron lung.

Dr. Bob endured his recovery and convalescence. He was able to leave the iron lung behind, return to McGill University and graduate as a dentist.

In 1965, Dr. Bob started what would become universal dental care for Island children. It was his vision and determination that drove the child dental program for decades.
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Canadian Folksinger Kate McGarrigle Dead at 63

One of the two McGarrigle sisters and mother of Rufus and Martha Wainwright dies of cancer

Martha Wainwright, Kate McGarrigle, and Rufus Wainwright, photographed at the Paul Morissey estate in Montauk, New York, September 2006. Photograph by Mark Seliger.
Martha Wainwright, Kate McGarrigle, and Rufus Wainwright, photographed at the Paul Morissey estate in Montauk, New York, September 2006. Photograph by Mark Seliger.

Kate McGarrigle, part of the enchanting any idiosyncratic McGarrigle Sisters, has died of cancer Monday night. She was 63.

“McGarrigle’s brother-in-law, Dane Lanken, said the singer died at her Montreal home Monday night surrounded by her sisters, Jane and Anna, and her children, Rufus and Martha Wainwright, also singers. Entertainment Daily

The two sisters were from Quebec and combined distinctive harmonies with bilingual songs about love, life and the Quebec life. Kate married Louden Wainright III and had two children before their divorce.

Never destined for stardom, their songs gained a strong niche following of loyal fans.

Most Canadians know her from the song The Log Driver’s Waltz which the National Film Board turned into a short animation that played on Canadian TV for three decades as part of Canadian Vignettes.
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