Corporate tax cuts cost you $500 a year

Stephen Harper is working hard to give your money to the big corporations

A new website and Facebook page is taking the satirical approach to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

They want to thank him for working hard to make corporations and their executives richer.

The videos will appeal to some voters, already disinclined to support Harper.

Will they make any impression on the millions of Canadians under the hypnotic spell of Stephen Harper?

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Links – People for Corporate Tax Cuts , Facebook and Twitter

Watching this video may get you a CSIS file

The Harper Song (Steve It’s Time to Leave) by John Roby

The Harper Song by John Roby

Shoemaker’s elves posted this video.

Laugh quietly in the privacy of your home or cubicle.

The Harper Song AKA Steve Itʼs Time to Leave Words and music by John Roby Video recorded and edited by Scott Stephenson.

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Prime Minister Harper creeps out Facebook

Conservative Party blames it on RCMP but RCMP deny it – just following orders from Conservatives

Prime Minister Harper is ejecting people from his political rallies if their Facebook pages show any connection with the other political parties. You have to register to attend. It hardly seems like democracy.

Awish Aslam is a young student excitedly trying to take in Canada’s Election.

She attended a Liberal rally. She had her picture taken with the Leader Michael Ignatieff.

Then she posted the picture on her Facebook page. Just another event in her life, thought Awish, to share with friends on Facebook.

Wrong, Canada is becoming a police state and your Facebook page can get you in trouble.

When she tried to attend the rally for Conservative Prime Minister Harper, his security police told the RCMP to eject her as an undesirable.

Only “true conservatives” can attend rallies for Stephen Harper.

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The innocence of the young clashes with the button down, control freak world of our Prime Minister

Words that come to mind: control freak, intolerant, fascist, liar.

Elections often show more about real motives than politicians would like.

Nicollette survives another fall off the horse

She has a bandage on her hand, my cousin Steve Pate has no marks

Nicollette Sheridan with my cousin Steve Pate - her hand has a bandage and he has no scars ( photo)

The Daily Mail is reporting Nicollette Sheridan got thrown from her horse. Again?

“Nicolette’s boyfriend Steve, a wealthy financier. looked equally dashing in a black suit with an open neck white shirt.”

“The trendy steak house appears to be a favourite of the couple – just two weeks ago the pair were also seen arriving for a spot of dinner.” (Daily Mail)

She’s been heavy dating my cousin Steve Pate for ages now that the horse accident story seems… well … a little old.

It’s a better excuse than Tiger Woods came up with for his SUV accident.

My aunt from Texas assured everyone on the family mailing list that Steve has no scars or bruises on his face.

Maybe Nicollette did hurt her hand falling off the horse.

Edie Britt on Desperate Housewives, Nicolle’s old role, was a man-eater not a man-beater.

We all breathed a sigh of relief that Steve wasn’t taking it on the chin, if you know what I mean.

Those movie stars can be high strung fillies and Steve’s just a good old boy from Texas.

Steve is used to gorgeous women in Texas, but he also knows you can’t tell a Texas woman nothin’.

Steve CANNOT get Nicollette to wear a riding helmet. That might have saved her head but not her little finger, which is the item of faîte du bandage as they French say. Continue reading Nicollette survives another fall off the horse

Will UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities mean anything on PEI

PEI celebrates the day with plagiarism, pontificating and prevarication

Minister of Community Services, Seniors and Labour Janice Sherry, press release to follow

The world celebrates UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities. On Prince Edward Island, we can look forward to political hot air.

The appropriate minister will rise in the Legislature to acknowledge her love for and empathy with the situation of Islanders living with disabilities. Those speeches are fulsome, with profound words that puff up those who listen.  In reality, they are hollow with pontificating and prevarication.  Continue reading Will UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities mean anything on PEI

You gotta have heart

My uncle has his first heart attack in his mid 50’s.

We were very worried about him being so young and all.

One day I went to see him at home and asked him how he felt.

“Great,” he said. “I follow the doctor’s orders.”

“He said cut back to one beer a day.”

“So I switched to quarts, one in the daytime and one at night.”

He just celebrated his 86th birthday.

(dedicated to Chuck Arsenault, who after I told him my uncle’s true funny story realized he steal might abscond with it, Chuck being a better comedian than I)

Dangerous day in the life of a cabbie

Fare turns out to be dangerous criminal intent on no good but cool cabbie carries the day

image - Savannah Yellow Cab (not the cab in the story)

This is a true story that happened last week. We have been asked to change the names and locations to protect the cabbie. You will understand why.


I’m sitting in my cab at Mall around Walmart yesterday morning [Friday] about 8:15 when this guy and girl can running over to my cab with a whole cart load of stuff, 42 inch LCD TV, computer and a bunch of other stuff.

I opened the back of my cab, put everything in, then they said they wanted to go to amhurst.

They said how much and I said $80.00. They said “Lets go.”   Continue reading Dangerous day in the life of a cabbie