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Pencil thin mustache

I Wish I Had A Pencil Thin Moustache

All this Movember craze has me feeling like a black and white movie

Pencil thin mustache

I can’t remember the reason but all the guys are growing moustaches this month. Oh yes, to bring attention to Prostate cancer.

I gotta follow the herd right off the cliff on this one.

In the meantime, I do get fewer kisses since my upper lip is prickly.
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The Royals on display

Shakespeare plots new play on Royals

The Royals on display

Bard building new play based on bawdy bedrooms at Balmoral and Buckingham

Over the last few nights I have been visited by the ghost of William Shakespeare.

On the third night, I followed him onto the deck and the ghost spoke:

“I am thy famed bard’s spirit, doom’d for a certain term to walk the night till the foul crimes done in these days are burnt and purged away.” Continue reading

Bob Dylan from his High School Yearbook

Bob Dylan’s childhood neighbor to write book

Mystery woman claims to have been Dylan’s best friend in Jr. high school

Bob Dylan from his High School Yearbook

Edith Flynn has announced she is writing a book about her life with Bob Dylan,  growing up in Hibbing, Minnesota with the Bard of the 60s.

“I’m gonna write it and make a million bucks,” said Flynn.

“Everyone is writing books about Bob Dylan and I want to write one too,” she said in an exclusive NJN Network interview.   Continue reading

My cousin Steve Pate holding trophy after winning Nationwide Event in Bogotá (Hamptons)

My cousin Steve Pate turning 50

My cousin Steve Pate holding trophy at Nationwide Event in Bogotá (Hamptons)

Still hitting the balls on the pro golf circuit

Not many golfers are planning on a full year of pro golf in their 40s let alone their 50s like Steve Pate.

Hot after winning The Nationwide Event in Bogota, Columbia last year, my cousin Steve says he is planning on planning all of this year’s events.

Over the weekend, he hit 2 under par 69 at the Stadion Classic.

Steve is heading for the Senior PGA Championship in Louisville, KY which starts on his 50th birthday – May 26th.
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Greg Hahn, high energy whacky comedian (Photo Greg Hahn)

Greg Hahn funny quirky guy on steroids

Greg Hahn, high energy whacky comedian (Photo Greg Hahn)

A combination of Robin Williams, Buster Keaton, Hennie Youngman and Fog Horn Leghorn

I was finishing supper at Churchill Friday night when Edith’s sisters invited me to use the 4th ticket then had to the Investors Group Atlantic Comedy Tour.

Did I flinch? Hard to say but I did the polite thing and said “Sure.” Continue reading


Not Dark Yet: Bob Dylan at 70

Remembering to appreciate a cultural treasure

By Noam Shpancer, Ph.D., Psychology Today

Once in a while one wishes to take a break from the brokenness of life and turn one’s mind to the goodness of it–its delicate pleasures; the art, the music, the poetry. Continue reading


Corporate tax cuts cost you $500 a year

Stephen Harper is working hard to give your money to the big corporations

A new website and Facebook page is taking the satirical approach to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

They want to thank him for working hard to make corporations and their executives richer.

The videos will appeal to some voters, already disinclined to support Harper.

Will they make any impression on the millions of Canadians under the hypnotic spell of Stephen Harper?

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Links – People for Corporate Tax Cuts , Facebook and Twitter