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Nicollette Sheridan was thinking of going in but still had her top on

My cousin Steve Pate and Nicolette Sheridan hit the beach

Easy to see why Steve is not coming to the Congrès mondial acadien 2009 this month in New Brunswick

My cousin Steve Pate in the water at Malibu with Nicolette Sheridan
My cousin Steve Pate in the water at Malibu with Nicolette Sheridan

With story from Entertainmentwise and MailOnLine

My mother told me in Halifax two weeks ago that everyone had lost touch with our cousin Steve Pate from Los Angeles. All of a sudden my aunt in Texas sends everyone these shots of Steve and Nicolette Sheridan at the beach in Malibu. No wonder he’s not replying to my tweets.

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Does Steve have something in his eye or is he avoiding the camera. Some one said the sheriff was out looking for him, something about horses. I don’t know. He’s my cousin and we stand by him.   Continue reading

Stephen Pate checking out a Moto Guzzi

My cousin Stephen Pate opens Italian motorcycle shop in Windy City

Sid and Stephen Pate of Restoration Werks eye the fancy Vincati, only one in the world
Stephen Pate of Restoration Werks and Big Sid Biberman eye the fancy Vincati, only one in the world (photo by Matthew Biberman)

The continuing adventures of my cousins Stephen Pate

One day a few years ago, I came across my long-lost cousin from the States Stephen Pate while surfing the net. He had a website called In our family, we usually defer to the oldest family member when registering dot.coms except when your cousin beats it to it.

Stephen, my cousin and not the one I’m named after, has an interesting career. In 2006 he opened a shop in Milwaukee to fix motorcycles. Starting with $500 and a Craigslist listing, Restoration Werks was so busy that he soon was working on more than 80 motorcycles.

This proves the inherent value of Craigslist for real people doing really important work. I don’t think my cousin was running a sex ring out of the back of his shop like some people who use Craigslist. See State AG ultimatum to Craigslist: Pull racy ads or face prosecution Continue reading


Looking for my Chinese cousin Steve in all the wrong places

I’m not against better sex, but I have my own way of figuring that one out.

Nonetheless, every day I get hundreds of offers for live sex, video sex, email sex, sex aids, Viagra etc. Email spam filters catch them.

I was deleting 260 sex offers from my Gmail account today. Noticed most of the emails were Chinese.

What if they were legitimate emails from cousins in China like Steve Pate over there who lives in Szechuan Province cooking up all that hot food?

Love Szechuan, even if my GRD doesn’t.

In 1981, a lawyer buddy took me to Spadina Avenue in Toronto for some Chinese. “Szechuan?” he asked innocently.

There were only teddy bears
There were only teddy bears

“Sure,” I replied naively.

As he ordered all the dishes with little red marks beside them he said, “Get two Cokes.”

I ordered one Coke but soon regretted that. Where was the waiter when you needed him?

Back to Chinese spam.

So I clicked on an email link at random. Not a good way to find long lost relatives but what plan do you have?

Half hoping to see Steve again and half hoping it would be like sexy Chinese porn, I got a surprise when popped up.


I clicked around. Steve wasn’t on that site, just a lot of teddy bears and gee gaws.

I tried to order a few gross of this and that for the flea market on Sunday but it was hopeless. The only thing I understood was the calendar.

I’ve got a niece who speaks Mandarin and a 2nd cousin who was in Peking in the foreign service. I should call them up and see if they can help.

Or maybe Richard Brown: he was over in China quite a bit they say.

Justine Leonard shares lead after 1st round of Texas Open

My cousin Steve Pate -2 and middle of the pack at Texas Open

Collated first round scores in the US PGA Tour Valero Texas Open, The Resort Course at La Cantera Golf Club, San Antonio, Texas, United States (par 70)

Justine Leonard shares lead after 1st round of Texas Open
Justine Leonard shares lead after 1st round of Texas Open

With story from Sky Sports

Justin Leonard and Paul Goydos share the lead after one round of the Texas Open with at 7 below on this par 70 course. My cousin PGA golfer Steve Pate is 2 off par at 72. Pate is just off the middle of the pack.

Here are all the scores, from Sky Sports:

63 Justin Leonard, Paul Goydos

64 Jeff Maggert, Marc Leishman (Aus), Ted Purdy

65 Brian Davis (Eng), Greg Owen (Eng)  Continue reading

Canon de Chelly, near Holbrook Arizona

My cousin Jim Pate leaves meeting due to conflict of interest

Canon de Chelly, near Holbrook Arizona
Canon de Chelly, near Holbrook Arizona

With story from Arizona

Just a short note here about my cousin Jim Pate from Holbrook Arizona where he sits as county commissioner.

The paper said Jim left the meeting to avoid a conflict of interest and possible breach of fiduciary trust.

Elected officials, senior bureaucrats and directors hold the public trust and should always avoid situations where their own personal interests conflict with their public trust.

See Conflict of Interest, Brooke MacMillan

Holbrook is part of the Navajo Reservation and a great scenic place to visit east of Flagstaff, Arizona and near the Petrified Forest National Park.

Nice to see our family is part of the corruption in politics.

Pikeville Library, Wayne County, North Carolina

My cousin Stephen Pate shot at, the officer killed

Pikeville Library, Wayne County, North Carolina
The old Pikeville Public Library, Wayne County, North Carolina with the new wheelchair ramp

Stephen Pate, NJN Network, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, May 12 2009 with story from Goldsboro News-Argus

I just received news that my cousin Stephen Pate in North Carolina narrowly missed being killed by a man. Stephen was assisting in arresting the man of for domestic abuse. We know how volatile those domestic situations can be from television stories. My mother tells me I was named after my cousin. Continue reading