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Suze Rotolo / Bob Dylan circa 1962 (photo credit Don Huntstein @ Sony Music)

Visions of the Village with Suze Rotolo

Dylan Rotolo Visions of the Village with Suze Rotolo photo

Suze Rotolo / Bob Dylan circa 1962 (photo credit Don Hunstein @ Sony Music)

Suze Rotolo’s A Freewheelin’ Time takes you back to the 60′s in the Greenwich Village

I’m re-reading Suze Rotolo’s memoir this August, which speaks to how cold and wet this summer has been.

Rotolo was Bob Dylan’s first NYC girlfriend and the girl on his arm on the cover of Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan.
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Bob Dylan from his High School Yearbook

Bob Dylan’s childhood neighbor to write book

Mystery woman claims to have been Dylan’s best friend in Jr. high school

High School Yearbook Bob Dylans childhood neighbor to write book photo

Bob Dylan from his High School Yearbook

Edith Flynn has announced she is writing a book about her life with Bob Dylan,  growing up in Hibbing, Minnesota with the Bard of the 60s.

“I’m gonna write it and make a million bucks,” said Flynn.

“Everyone is writing books about Bob Dylan and I want to write one too,” she said in an exclusive NJN Network interview.   Continue reading

Joe Konrath, author and self-publisher

You Should Self-Publish

Have we reached the tipping point in book publishing?

Konrath Author Photo You Should Self Publish photo

Joe Konrath, author and self-publisher

By Joe Konrath, A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing

One of the traits I value most about myself is my ability to change my mind about something as more data becomes available.

Well, the data is in. And I’m reversing one of my long-held beliefs about writing.

For many years, I said DO NOT SELF-PUBLISH.

I had many good reasons to support this belief.

1. Self-publishing was expensive
2. The final product was over priced and inferior
3. Self-pubbed were impossible to distribute
4. Most self-pubbed books weren’t returnable
5. Chances were, the reason you had to self pub was because your writing wasn’t good enough
6. Most POD houses were scams

I had ample evidence to support my opinion. Writer Beware and Preditors & Editors and Absolute Write all had detailed tales of authors being screwed. I’d done enough local signings with self-pubbed authors to see how epic their failures were. I was a judge for several self-pub contests for Writer’s Digest, and saw firsthand the dreck being released.

Yep, I was pretty confident that traditional publishing was the only game in town.

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Bob Dylan not so Freewheelin' anymore

You may not own digital downloads locked woman out of Kindle purchases for a month

Kindle international You may not own digital downloads photo

Kindle (photo:

E-books are fun to use away from home but you don’t own the books, as a woman recently found out.

In a story reported on The Consumerist, the woman purchased a book, was locked out and then told by to merely purchase it again. She did but was still locked out, despite numerous emails.

“I am having major amazon issues. A month ago I bought a kindle and was really excited to use it on vacation. I bought a few books and when I was done, I bought another. Then they froze my account, so I called in and logged a case.
Within 48 hours I got a call back, saying it was an error on their side and they’d unfreeze it for me, but I’d just need to re-order the book. I thought no problem, thanks for the help. So I bought the book a second time and it automatically freezes me out again. I call in and log another case, but get no phone call back as promised from an account specialist.”

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Daniel Lanois Soul Mining

New autobiography by Canadian producer performer arrives November 9, 2010

Soul Mining Daniel Lanois Soul Mining photoCanadian Daniel Lanois is publishing his memoirs this fall. Despite the June motorcycle accident that almost killed him, Lanois continues to produce material for public consumption.

Lanois is best known for producing U2 since The Joshua Tree Daniel Lanois Soul Mining photo and two award winning albums for Bob Dylan, Oh Mercy Daniel Lanois Soul Mining photo and Time Out of Mind Daniel Lanois Soul Mining photo

Along with producing other musicians, Lanois has had a long career of personal performance and a loyal, if somewhat smaller than U2, fan base. His CDs have a mystical quality that fans cherish. His performances are simply awesome as he displays great control over the music and layering of his sound.

Lanois top CDs are Shine Daniel Lanois Soul Mining photo which presents a mellow, gentle side and the earlier Acadie Daniel Lanois Soul Mining photo with its exploration of his French Canadian roots. Acadie contains the popular Jolie Louise and Under A Stormy Sky.
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Apples creepy corporate culture OKs Ulysses

Censorship will not go away from puritanical leadership at Apple

Steve Jobs creepy corporate culture of censorship

Battles won long ago for freedom of expression are still challenged regularly at Apple. The New York Times reports Apple will allow James Joyce’s Ulysses to be sold at the Apple App Store.

Isn’t that wonderful. Apple is going to allow one of the classics of modern literature to be read by it’s tens of millions of enslaved customers. Will they also be allowed to read Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Tom Jones, or Grapes of Wrath?

The creepy, corporate culture of Apple Corp. is contrary to freedom of speech and our culture. They are not banning extreme forms of porn that would be offensive to almost everyone. Apple is censoring classic literature, political cartoons and political opinion.
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Noomi Rapace in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo  Music Box Films

Girl with Dragon Tattoo lambasts lazy press

Where are tough reporters to expose as traitors the financial players who have systematically and perhaps deliberately damaged their country’s economy for profit

Girl with dragon tattoo web Girl with Dragon Tattoo lambasts lazy press photo

Noomi Rapace in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Music Box Films

A new movie, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, takes us headlong into the world of 20-something hackers with a grudge.

The heroine Salander is 90 pounds of she-devil rage at man and the machine.

Sex, anger, Goth and tattoos with one ring in her nose make Salander a new movie heroine on the genre of La Femme Nikita without the guns.  Continue reading