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PEI Narcotics Regulations Attack Disabled and Dying

Prince Edward Island’s plans to further restrict legal prescriptions of pain killers will harm the long-term disabled and terminally ill.

PEI Health Minister Doug Currie promoting new regulations that will harm people with disabilities

The new legislation will limit legal prescriptions for those suffering chronic pain in the terminal stages of life.

Using data from PEI’s maligned health information system, PEI’s Minister of Health plans to limit pain medication for PEI’s 25,000 disabled.

Narcotic pain killers are already highly regulated in Canada and access for people with chronic pain and disabilities can be difficult. New regulations are a likely a smokescreen of other changes in the PEI healthcare system.  Continue reading

Ambulance NB is not free if you are from out-of-province

Travel Insurance – Don’t Leave Home Without It

Inter-provincial or out-of-country travel can put a big dent in your wallet

Ambulance NB is not free if you are from out-of-province

Before Christmas I was visiting in New Brunswick and needed an ambulance for a midnight trip to the hospital.

My heart almost did a flip when a $650 bill for ambulance services came a month later.

If I had been traveling in a province that didn’t have reciprocal medicare coverage, the bill could have been more than $10,000.  Continue reading

Thank you Toyota for inventing the walking robot

Thank you Toyota for inventing the walking robot

Toyota will be selling several health robots to help people walk, transfer from bed to wheelchair in 2013

It’s easy to get excited when Toyota announces a robot to help people walk.

In the 60 years since my left leg became paralyzed nothing really new in technology has been invented beyond the leg brace to help people like me.
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Depression is an Offline Event

Depression is an Offline Event

In the last several weeks, two people that I’ve known from online have taken their lives.

By Chris Brogan G+ – In both cases, there were tweets or Facebook posts or Google+ updates that hinted that things might be falling apart.

But we rarely notice such posts. We rarely hear them loudly, because they aren’t Siri jokes or cats dressed like astronauts.
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Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty Tracy Odell, Director, APDD

Disability Issues Get Attention in Ontario Election

Disabilities get small concessions in Ontario from political parties

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty Tracy Odell, APDD

By Ed Montigny, Staff Lawyer, ARCH

If you review the election platforms of the three major parties you will find little in the way of policies aimed directly at assisting persons with disabilities.

It is clear that the discussions of the economy, jobs and taxes dominate, although health care issues and education also receive attention from all parties. Continue reading

January 13, 2001 - 2 Celsius at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital entrance and snow blocking those with disabilities from the meters

Be nice if someone cared at the QEH

Accessible parking is inaccessible because QEH can’t be bothered to shovel the snow around the meters

January 12, 2001 - 2 Celsius at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital entrance and snow blocking those with disabilities from the meters (photo Stephen Pate)

If a person in a wheelchair, walker, or using a cane can’t get to the meter, will they get a ticket? Probably.


The obscenity of CBC turkey drives

Phony annual charity drive illustrates how little has been done to reduce poverty

Merry Christmas from CBC, sorry you're life is not so merry

Nothing is more obscene than the pampered people at CBC with their annual do-gooder turkey drive. CBC wastes it’s considerable resources attacking the wrong end of the stick.

Do they think one turkey at Christmas will alleviate the crushing weight of poverty or is this all just another WKRP radio station publicity stunt?

If the folks at CBC really carried about Christmas and the message of Christ, they would use their considerable resources to report stories about the reality of PEI’s poverty problem.

A short stint of real reporting at CBC would inform the public and embarrass the government into fixing the problem once and for all.

Dr. Robert Coull wrote that charity drives make him angry. “The need for charity is something that makes me very angry.  It reminds me that our society is unjust.  The poor continue to be poor, while the rich get richer.  Rich people ‘feeling good’ about giving a few dollars or a few hours of their time to the ‘deserving poor’ is something I would love to see the end of.”   Continue reading

DietPower Nutrient History

Stay healthy while dieting

Eating less means more attention to proper nutrition and exercise in a weight loss program

DietPower Nutrient History

In the now 5 part series on losing weight with a disability, I’ve covered why we want to lose the “30-lb-turkey” of extra weight and using software to get it off.

I was talking to my mother today on her 91st birthday (born 1919 wow!) and she weighs a slight 109 and has for decades. We should all be so lucky but many of us put the pounds on too easily. People with disabilities who are sedentary are especially susceptible to being overweight or obese.

During the past week, I’ve lost exactly nothing. But I did reduce my body fat percentage from 55% body fat to 44%. That wasn’t easy.

It’s the pre-Christmas panic with autumn yard work to finish and inside projects to get out of the way for your Christmas visit. Can’t have you seeing the power tools in the front hallway at Christmas.  Continue reading