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About Stephen Pate

Stephen- interview

Stephen Pate, journalist and disability activist (CBC Photo)

Stephen Pate, the editor of NJN Network, has been writing about music and computers for more 50 years.

He is a member of the Canadian Association of Journalists.

Stephen is a serial entrepreneur with bragging rights on several successful IT start ups. His IT career left him with an admitted Microsoft bias which is slowly merging with a love of all things Apple.

Stephen has a wife and 10 children, all of whom he treasures above all. He is also a musician and singer-songwriter.

  • Stephen, just discovered your news site, and I applaud your work. Keep it up. I quit the financial industry (stockbroker) and turned into a whistleblower/public awareness builder about professionals who financially abuse their customers, and put most of my work into http://www.investoradvocates.ca and video story at http://www.breachoftrust.ca

    totally free, totally public interest, no copyright worries
    hope you will check out some of the largest crimes in Canada spelled out by an insider, cheers, larry elford

  • I forget whether I shared this with you Stephen. Please forgive me if my memory is faulty.


    Congratulations. That is an impressive ranking, an obvious testimony to your good work.

    Take care. If I see your name, I always read the article.

    wb 🙂

  • Stephen Pate

    Thanks and that’s awfully kind of you.

  • Islander

    Stephen, I salute your work. Will keep reading.

  • Nancy Rley

    I am very glad there are people like you out there to try to help the disabled.
    I hope you will continue doing your great work. I need your help to bring my problem to the forefront too!!

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