By Stephen Pate – 8 years after Pamela Butler went mysteriously missing in Washington DC, her ex-boyfriend Jose Angel Rodriguez-Cruz has been charged with her murder.

On Valentine’s Day 9 years ago the pretty and accomplished EPA worker vanished without a trace. Her boyfriend Jose Angel Rodriquez Cruz was the last one to see her alive.

Pamela’s family long suspected Cruz of involvement in her disappearance. He denied it and the police couldn’t make a case. eHarmony Boyfriend Not Telling Whole Story

Jose Angel Rodriguez-Cruz met Pamela Cruz on the eHarmony dating site. He was an ex-service member struggling with PTSD. She was the pretty and independent analyst at the Environmental Protection Agency.

They fought over incompatibilities. He got angry. She told her family the affair was over. They were mis-matched no matter what the eHarmony algorithm said.  The site advertises as eHarmony | #1 Trusted Dating Site for Like-Minded Singles.

If Jose Cruz is the killer, the eHarmony computer program doesn’t work that well.  Was it a match from heaven or hell?

Then she disappeared without a trace on Valentine’s Day in 2009. While he’d seen her that weekend, he claimed innocence.

Pamela Butler's mother kept her picture in her purse hoping to find her missing daughter or her killer.

Pamela Butler’s mother kept her picture in her purse hoping to find her missing daughter or her killer.

Her family was sure he killed her and disposed of the body. Washington DC police had too many murders to investigate and Pamela Butler’s went cold.

But he family persisted and last year a judge declared her legally dead, a sad day for her mother who kept her picture in her purse.

“It’s been like a roller coaster that you just — a roller coaster ride that you never get off, that never ends,” Derrick Butler, her brother, said.

“She was a loving, caring person to me. It was nothing she wouldn’t do for me,” her mother Thelma Butler said. WUSA 9

This story comes alive each February as people remember Pamela on Valentine’s day.  Police reopened the case in February 2016.  They have not disclosed any new evidence.

Jose Angel Rodriguez-Cruz (Facebook profile)

Jose Angel Rodriguez-Cruz (Facebook profile)

All this time, Jose Angel Rodriguez-Cruz has been living in plain sight in Dumfries, Virginia. He has an open Facebook account with his photos and sparse details of his personal life.

It’s an eerily empty Facebook page with a few photos from 2009 when Pamela disappeared.

There are a few family photos holding a new nephew from 2010 and then nothing.

Well he did post a photo of last January’s snow storm.

Jose Angel Rodriguez-Cruz added 3 new photos. January 23, 2016 · We're socked with over 4 feet of snow. It has not stopped snowing and the forecast reports it will continue until tonight 11 pm.

January 23, 2016 ·
We’re socked with over 4 feet of snow. (Facebook photo)

More news to follow.