By Stephen Pate – Along with the MacBook Retina upgrades, Apple has refreshed the MacBook Air with 8 GB of memory on 13″ models.

The 11″ and 13″ MacBook Air still use 5th generation Intel i5 and i7 processors and the Intel HD6000 graphics processor along with a lower resolution non-Retina displays.

MacBook Air battery life (Apple illustration)

MacBook Air battery life (Apple illustration)

After the MacBook Retina was released last year, analysts expected the Air line to disappear or get an upgrade to the processors and display.

However, that hasn’t happened yet. The MacBook Air remains viable for users who want more processor power, Thunderbolt 2 connections and a longer battery life and don’t mind the slight increase in weight.

MacBook model comparison 2016  (Apple)

MacBook model comparison 2016

Pricing for the MacBook Air remainsĀ  11-inch from $899 US andĀ 13-inch from $999 US. Available from Apple stores and Apple online.